A Letter…Not Sure Who From


Welcome to the third edition of our weekly mailbag. Again, these are all real spammers, if you’re logged in you can check the website’s trash to verify. Of course, if any actual person wants to send in questions, you can send me a PM or email them to kristakahashi@gmail.com and I will link your website with your name.

On to the questions:

installment loans asks:

In high school, I looked good with a cap. I wore a cap every day. Wore it to the side, wore it backwards, wore it straight. Now I’m an adult, and every time I put on a cap I look like some middle-aged doofus. I’m pretty much the same weight. What the hell happened to my skull to make it so cap-averse?

Caps look better on teenagers the same way a fedora looks better on Humphrey Bogart. Even if you look the same physically, now that you’re older your perception of how you should appear no longer jives with the statement your cap makes. And just to be clear, we’re talking about propeller hats, right?

Anyhow, I just went through the same thing watching the re-mastered version of The Wire. Ten years ago, I was in favor of Bunny Colvin’s Hamsterdam idea and thought McNulty’s serial killer play was somehow justifiable. Watching it now, both these ideas and their premises seem so batshit crazy to me I’m beginning to question whether The Wire passes the soap opera line of television realism. The show hasn’t changed, but I have. Like 90% of the population, I’ve gone from wide-eyed idealist to cynical miser. I’m pretty much a cliche.

Christian Flags asks:

When’s the next podcast?

Alice and I are recording on Monday. Unless the drunken messages I get from her are a lie.

خرید شارژ همراه اول asks:

Why aren’t there any good Dragon Age: Inquisition mods?

The game was done in the Frostbite Engine 3, and while that makes the graphics look pretty, the point of entry is much, much higher than it was with Origins (which had an official modding toolset). It’s my understanding that you need a doctorate in game design just to install the fucking thing. That being said, wizards are hard at work making modding tools that idiots like the rest of us can understand.

grand rapids dumpster rental asks:

You ever meet someone and they mention something you really like, and you don’t know whether to go fangirl on them or play it cool and nod your head?

I never play things cool. I don’t know the meaning of the word (I think it’s a synonym of refrigerate).

Lose weight Just by running asks:

Is Skyrim your favorite game?

This is one of those questions that’s hard to answer accurately because opinions are fickle things. For instance, if you asked me last year what game I was looking forward to most, it was the Witcher 3. Now, having spent the better part of that year playing DAI, Skyrim, and Dragon’s Dogma, I’m much more hyped about Xenoblade Chronicles X.  Show me a trailer of flying whales, magical forests, giant mechs and sandworms, and my pants are gonna be swollen. It’s only after I’ve had my fill of JRPG weirdness that I’ll be in the right mood to go on a Wild Hunt.

But all things being equal, I’d say Bethesda games will be my favorite more days than not for three reasons. They let you make your own character. They let you sit down and touch things. And they let you mod their games.

I’ll think I’ll go do the last thing some more.


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