Super Saiyan Jerulith by Numeriku

tumblr_nim9qcEtXB1tbhdnao2_r1_1280 (1) tumblr_nim9qcEtXB1tbhdnao3_r3_1280


Talie: (nervous laughter)

(picks up Ru and throws him in Jerulith’s direction)

(runs away, arms flailing)


Jerulith must really hate brown hats, because I’ve never seen an npc use a master spell before… *gulp*

Here’s a fun fact. While Florentus is voiced by the talented Trent Martin, the death knell, or sissy yelp if you want to call it, was done by yours truly. Originally it was just audio confirmation that the script that killed him (in the event Jerulith somehow missed) was firing, back when Florentus didn’t have an actor. In the end though I decided to just keep it in.

And so here it is in all its glory, my one and only voice acting contribution to the mod. If you like my work, I’m available for any other roles that require a screaming extra, like say, random man trampled by horses #3 or boy who falls into a well. Aaaaaggggh!


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