Hope Lies v0.01c


Hope Lies v001c DOWNLOAD

All right, here’s version 0.01c of Hope Lies. Just a minor update with some new idles and some minor maintenance tweaks. I’m considering moving her to New Vegas on a permanent basis as well, so I may add the personal quest as a short little vignette you can play.

  • Added about 50 new idles
  • Moved some of the proximity hellos to the greetings. Greetings are said once a day, when exhausted she’ll say something generic like “We heading out?” or “Where to next partner?”
  • Added variable so that she won’t tell jokes until after you have the conversation where she likes telling them, as well as other very minor tweaks to the timing of the dialogue. If you’ve already exhausted that dialogue, just ask her what kind of jokes she doesn’t find funny again and the variable will take.

6 thoughts on “Hope Lies v0.01c”

  1. Make her part of New Vegas? Yes pleasee! It would be nice to have a new follower in that setting and listen to what she has to say about Mr. House, Veronica or Caesar.

  2. I understand she’s meant to be older, or so I gather from one of her lines about ‘kids these days’. But you know what it’s like trying to make a passably human face in GECK. I stopped fiddling when [i]this[/i] face came up because I didn’t dare fiddle any more, lol. Also, it was as close as I imagined her to be.

    For those who may be curious, an npc can go through many iterations. First version of Hope, dumped because too serious, bit too much make up


    Second, with mod hair and face, rejected because she looked about 13-14, wouldn’t have gone well with her talk of extramarital affairs, ahaha. Also too much make up


    Current version is close to the clean scrubbed, upbeat, good Christian gal in wild wasteland type who, for some reason, struck me as having one of those complexions that can’t ever get tanned. Sunburnt to pink, yes, tanned no.

  3. Haha, very nice stories-behind-the-pictures, nonoodles. Myself, I prefer the original one. I don’t like supermodels in my game. The original seems cute but in an normal kind of way. O love the idea of having a superfollower in New Vegas :)

  4. I rather like the way she looks now. She’s a little plain-Jane in a very good way. But seriously- nonoodles, your character creation skills in GECK are fan-freakin-tastic. And Kris’ lines for Hope are awesome. XD I love reading for Hope; she’s so dang cute.

  5. Yeah that’s the look I was aiming for, plain jane yet not something you’d run away from screaming. xD It was a lot of fun making her, in no small part because of your amazing voice skills, Jessica. You can really pull off a variety of accents and tones. Hat’s off to you!

    Just use FOMM, pelzknaeul, it’s not that different from Skyrim mod managers like…dun dun dunnnn…..NMM.

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