Fallout: New Vegas – Hanstock the Antman

Today we welcome a new member to our cult of voice actors, Barry Coleman, who absolutely killed his audition for Hanstock the Antman.

Once I release this sucker, you’ll be able to find Hanstock near Nipton Road Pitstop, spying on ants. If you get rid of the Jackal gang, he’ll even have a place to camp and sleep when he’s not lurking.


One thought on “Fallout: New Vegas – Hanstock the Antman”

  1. Haha, you totally nailed the level of wackiness that comes with a post-apocaliptic America. Maybe next time we can have a really scary wacko (Wasteland 2 style) to balance the funny / sad ones like Hanstock. In any case, excellent job both in writing and voice acting!

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