Happy Belated Birthday, Interesting NPCs

Interesting NPCs
Screenshot by Numeriku

I forgot February 8, 2012, is the day the mod was uploaded to Nexus. Although technically it was on Steam a few days prior until I discovered unvoiced lines skipped. I don’t remember the details, I’m senile. Anyways the point is we are three years old now and eating solid foods. I think. To be honest I have no idea how toddlers work. I’ve probably given the mod dysentery.

On to the news:

  • 1ndaJone5 has informed me the Russian translation project for the mod is finito. Finito is not a Russian word, but vodka is. I recommend we drink it to celebrate.
  • DragbodyNV and Nonoodles have teamed up to make Riddick a companion in Fallout: New Vegas. He looks incredibly lifelike and the audio fits really, really well. I can’t imagine what it’s like for the rest of us potato NPCs to stare at this sculpted perfection.
  • I’ve figured out how to fix my racist GECK by flagging the ESPs as ESMs in Wrye Bash. This also fixes some navmesh issues. This is probably exciting news only to me. I was beginning to wonder if all my black NPCs would have to have vitiligo written into their backstories.

Another update for Hope and Vincent may be coming soon. Hope in particular has a quest that is near completion, in particular I need someone with a Mexican accent but doesn’t have to be heavy. Check the Casting Call section for details.


4 thoughts on “Happy Belated Birthday, Interesting NPCs”

  1. Congratulations! This is the best mod Skyrim has seen and when it’s completely closed, I’ll do another 3dNPC playthrough to celebrate. Which leads me to this question, Kris…are you going to work at some point in expanded dialogues for the DLCs? I know there are Rumarin fan-made comments out there but I would love to see what you come up with regarding some of our most beloved companions.

    1. I’ve never actually played Dragonborn. I made it to Raven Rock though. It’s just sitting there waiting to be modded. Someday…

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