Rumarin by Pinacoladamatata


i got bored and had a few hours of free time so um…’s a dancing Rumarin i mean banana elf. Since that seems to the recent trend.

i don’t know if he can even dance but he said he used to juggle so…
he has to have some hand-eye coordination right???

ref’d from this 


5 thoughts on “Rumarin by Pinacoladamatata”

    1. It was awesome. I thought it was just that his clothes hadn’t loaded yet, but nope. He messed around at the alchemy table, and went into the kitchen and stirred the cooking pot (I should at least find him an apron if he wants to make a habit of this). “Are we ready to get moving?” he said. Uh yeah, I am, but YOU’RE NOT.

      And he was giving me active-follower chat options even though he wasn’t actively my follower at the time (he was ‘home’), so I told him I wanted to trade with him (to give him some clothes) and he said “Oh sure, give it all to the elf who carries nothing.”

  1. That is hilarious, Megaptera. Rumarin hasn’t done anything like that in my game ever but it just fits the character’s personality a lot xd. “Don’t mind me Dragonborn, I’ll put my feet on the table, walk naked around the house…your home is my home, right? Oh Yes, I thought so.”

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