Heart's Day in Blackreach by Megaptera


I made this because I think Raynes doesn’t get enough love around here. Then again, it might be his own fault.


10 thoughts on “Heart's Day in Blackreach by Megaptera”

    1. Awww, I’m not sick of them at all. Then again, I’m new here. But I was sad when I saw how far down Raynes was on the ranking list. He’s such a hoot, and sometime inexplicably hot.

  1. And romance with raynes is a fickle thing… not only does it require your character to be gay, but also to put up with his constant insane muttering. Don’t get me wrong, I like him, but he IS disturbed, on the same level as Cicero…

    1. Heledir (my Dragonborn) has decided to take it as a challenge. When they fight bandits he makes sure to never leave any alive for Raynes to work his magic on.

  2. My Bosmer conquers dragons only to come home and be conquered nightly by Raynes. I imagine Raynes has a variety of items he uses in his work and in bed, my Bosmer probably has more sex injuries than anything else at this point.

    1. I have a festering plotbunny about Raynes discovering the one thing he could bang that would be more impressive than an Orc, which is a seven-foot-tall Altmer who thinks he’s a dragon.

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