3dNPC comes to Winterhold


It may get Olivia’s ire up, but 3dnpc will take center stage in a research-oriented setting this month.  Warren has also discussed 3dnpc in his courses on Transmedia storytelling and on video gaming.


6 thoughts on “3dNPC comes to Winterhold”

  1. Awesome, Warren. If only they taught this stuff when I was in school, I might’ve paid more attention. Although I guess that would be some sort of time paradox.

  2. Very nice, Warren. There is a lot of interesting (wink, wink) stuff going on in videogames as a narrative medium where a lot of interactions occur between players, modders, creators to create different kind of storytelling. I wouldn’t mind watching that… conference? I am pretty sure it will be a delight.

  3. Since I’m in an Emerging Media program, I think a student might film me. If so, it will find its way to youtube eventually.

  4. That’s good to know, Warren. Please, do post the link to youtube if a student does indeed film the conference. I’d love to watch it.


    LOL :)

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