3DNPC v3.09.1


Here’s a small update with some minor tweaks and suggestions from the past few weeks. The main  change is the addition of Ronja Monto’s version Wolves of Jorrvaskr, both to Alassea and as a random instrumental for the bards.

Marrying Alassea also comes with an additional requirement of taking her to the Temple of Mara and expressing interest in a relationship.

3DNPC v3.09.1

All Fixes and Tweaks from v3.09:

  • Alassea now requires a brief conversation at the Temple of Mara to qualify for marriage
  • Ability to tell Rumarin whether to use bow or sword
  • Added Wolves of Jorrvaskr to Alassea’s playlist
  • Added temporary restraints to patrons in Pit Dogs so they don’t run around during the fight
  • Added script to Frodmar to bump Birds of a Feather to stage 20 in the event outside trigger fails to fire
  • Changed objective markers in A Spell for Rumarin to not show once completed
  • Changed Robber’s Refuge patron so she doesn’t have the name of a terrorist organization
  • Removed “A Warrior’s Life” from Ygglief’s list of duets
  • Upon completion of A New Dawn, Olivia and her acolytes are now removed from their factions allowing them to be raised as thralls without consequence.
  • Some unvoiced Valgus lines removed

6 thoughts on “3DNPC v3.09.1”

  1. Ok I am officially confused.
    I don’t get the installation instructions.
    “If YOU OWN HEARTHFIRE, first copy and overwrite the DATA FOLDER of 3DNPC main update with the DATA FOLDER in Hearthfire Patch. ”
    What does this even mean?
    Am I supposed to copy the stuff from Heartfire patch into the installation folder first and then overwrite it with the 3DNPCs main folder? That makes no sense, I’d be overwriting the Heartfire patch’s esp with non-Heartfire one.

    1. Think about it logically. It’s just drag and drop. What order would you drag and drop to get what you want?

      In other words, you cut and paste the Hearthfire Data folder into the data folder inside 3DNPC Main. Not your Skyrim installation folder. The result is a single Data folder than can be installed via NMM or MO.

      Yes, you can also drag them into your installation folder, doing Hearthfire last, but the instructions are more designed for people who use NMM/MO etcetera who want a single folder. Obviously you can just make sense of it yourself and install how you please.

  2. I think the wording is a bit unfortunate. It’s way overcomplicated. You could just write “install the contents of main folder first and overwrite with the heartfires folder if you have the dlc”.
    I won’t break the sentence down to try to explain what’s confusing about because you probably don’t give a shit anyway :P

    I just couldn’t decipher what you meant by those sentences and in the end had to use some common sense (which doesn’t always work though!), which I THINK produced the intended result.

    P.S. I am a MO user.

    1. That’s how it was worded initially. But people complained because apparently NMM requires one folder (I have no idea if this is true, I do everything manually) and they were installing Hearthfire only and ignoring the main update. It also could be doing two separate installs via NMM was too time consuming. Again, you’d have to ask an NMM user, but the point is they wanted one folder for the installation.

      So the instructions were changed to merge the folders first in hopes of making a single method that works for everyone. One folder, one install.

      Either way, I don’t think it’s all that complicated. It’s the same number of steps, but I’ll see if I can’t fiddle with the wording.

  3. Maybe if I was native english speaker I’d get it instantly… and maybe not :P

    P.S. Everytime you install a mod manually, god kills a kitten.

    1. Ha, that’s a lot of kittens I’ve killed. Although it’s not my fault God is a psychopath.

      So far the ol’ drag and drop has never steered me wrong, but I admit, I only use about a half dozen mods so I can definitely see how it can get crazy once you add that 3rd digit.

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