Fallout 3: Quantum Gravity Mod – Scribe Hammond

If you’ve met the likes of Rumarin and Eldawyn in Interesting NPCs, you know I like breaking the occasional stereotype, especially when most of the vanilla High Elves are your dictionary definition Altmer.

In Fallout: New Vegas, Veronica does this for the Brotherhood of Steel, but I felt like the BoS needed some personality in Fallout 3 as well. So here we have Ash Eluned voicing Hammond, the scribe with a can-do attitude and a mouth that’s fully potty trained.


10 thoughts on “Fallout 3: Quantum Gravity Mod – Scribe Hammond”

  1. Awesome. Is she gonna be a follower? She seems fun to have around. A mix of fun and insight that can add a lot perspective in then main character’s travel.

    One question, Kris. Is “Quantum gravity” going to be what “Interesting NPCs” is to Skyrim or do you plan to have smaller separate quest mods for Fallout 3?

    1. Yeah, like nonoodles said, separate esps for each quest for now, but certain things will be grouped together, such as

      – Non-quest, dialogue heavy NPCs (shop owners, crazy people, etcetera)
      – Background NPCs (people with little to no dialogue, but heavy amount of scenes with other folks)
      – Quests that are linked together or use the same NPCs (like Children Fair and Pit Dogs)

      Hopefully this will keep the number of esps manageable while still giving you more flexibility. It does make creating new content that mingles NPCs more difficult, however, but with Interesting NPCs the quests came waaay after, so being able to use old NPCs was a necessity, especially since almost all of them had loose threads that needed to be tied.

      With Fallout, the NPCs are mostly constructed fresh with quests in mind, while non-quest NPCs like the Antman are done as one-shots and typically don’t have a conflict that needs to be resolved.

  2. Kris will be along soon enough but I’ll just pipe up and say he’s probably releasing them as separate quest and npc mods. Skyrim 3DNPC’s size hasn’t been problematic for the game, of course, but somewhat troublesome in other ways, viz., users having problems downloading or being alarmed by the size. He probably wants to avoid that whole messiness this time around.

    …although I did tell him it would only have people requesting an all-in-one esp haha. Merging the esps is possible (and luckily, less complicated than in Skyrim where you have to account for externally generated assets like facegen data and scripts). It’s still going to be tedious doing everything twice, in a manner of speaking. and then checking to see nothing burped. Mucho lucko, Kriso! :D

  3. Seems like the way to go then, Kris. Thanks for elaborating on the process. I don’t mind esps, since pretty much I will reinstall Fallout 3 because of your mods and probably I will not be running many more. Really eager to have a taste of this although I think I will wait until you have a chunck of quests out there.

    PS: Thanks also to you, nonoodles! I love to have a all this insight about the process of creation.

  4. Also, is there a way to edit the posts? I wanted to add something but I couldn’t edit.

    Anyway, I just wanted to say that I really don’t understand why so many people are alarmed by the size of 3dNPCs. It’s really not that much if you think most of it are sound files. And problems installing it? That’s even weirder. You just need to drag & drop to your skyrim/data folder and that’s it….anyway…sad panda and all that…I feel you, nonoodles. I understand why you have locked the comments on the nexus.

    1. Restricted to higher levels maybe? Everyone should be able to make posts, but I don’t know if the powers extend to comments.

      I can see an edit button by I have administrator powers. Let me see if there’s a plugin I can add.

  5. Gonna test the comment editing plugin. Yay.

    EDIT: Looks like it works. Set it to an hour. I can make it longer if need be. Making sure videos embed and all that with everyone’s favorite NPC.

    Hm…didn’t work. Maybe have to use embed code? Nope. Let me try a picture.


    Oh wait, it shows up now. Weird. You can also delete a comment by removing the entire text and then saving.

  6. Heh, yeah it’s funny. Maybe it’s because I come from the DIY school of modding, where the main thing is to put the mod into the game any way it takes. This presumably recent attitude of ‘if I can’t download and install through my favourite mod manager with whom I was going to have babies, your mod sucks and so do you’ is……recent, to put it politely. Or maybe people have had it since Morrowind? Dunno and in any case, this is one inflexible attitude I hope not to see spread among the masses. Whoda thunk something made for convenience could evolve into such an annoyance?

    Ah, it’s been a nice experience seeing Kris’ quests take shape, from seed to sapling to hopefully a less monstrous tree.

    Edit – oooo now I have two edit buttons.

    Edit2 – also, for reasons baffling to me, I can edit my comment even after logging out.

    Edit3 – yeah, not sure this is supposed to happen? Still logged out, still can edit. I HAF TEH POWAHZ.

    Edit4 – though it’s kind of convenient. Hmm will it, too, evolve into a Frankenmonster? :D

    Edit5 – it may be something to do with the edit time limit. Sorry for the endless edits.

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