Wander-Lust by Nervation



then this happened. i saw someone else go off the edge of the dock so i went over to see who it is and it’s an argonian that i assume is part of interesting npcs so i talk to her and we float along and go under water, under boats, under ice, talking the whole time about her son and stuff. we floated/talked for a while after i took the last screenshot haha

luckily both argonians so no one drowned during the conversation


2 thoughts on “Wander-Lust by Nervation”

  1. Quite a cute story.

    And yeah, when you make (though packages) NPC’s from Windhelm Docks go anywhere else, they prefer to swim ashore first. Even if you tell them to go to Windhelm itself, they swim to the opposite side of the river and only then go to Windhelm though the bridge.

  2. I love her. She has a good reason for wandering the roads of Skyrim in all random directions for years, unlike the vanilla NPCs who claim to be going to a certain destination but never seem to get there (I’m looking at you, Faldrus).

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