Dunmer of 3DNPC by Megaptera



Dunmer of 3DNPC

Raynes, Erevan, and Meresine, to be specific. I never really got to touch on Meresine’s past, albeit if you take her to Windhelm she’ll reveal a little bit about her dreams, and maybe show a softer side depending on your choices.

Elisabeth has moved on to bigger and greater things though, so you’ll just have to speculate on where it was going.


4 thoughts on “Dunmer of 3DNPC by Megaptera”

  1. Pity that the voice actress has moved on to greater stuff, Meresine really needs a quest of some kind (all followers should have one, I think).

    The artwork is great. 3dnpc really manages to expand on Dunmer theme – we have Raynes, who represents the “dark rage” side of the Dunmer, Meresine, his somewhat milder female counterpart, and assimilated Cyro-Dunmer Erevan. There’s also Rinori Imaryn, who represents the “woobie” side of the ethnicity.

    1. I don’t mind Meresine and Raynes not having backstories, it makes them so much more fanfic-prone.

      On a related note I am trying so hard not to make Raynes be my woobie. D:

      1. I’m talking about quests, rather than backstories as such.

        People on the Internet manage to woobify pretty much everyone, though.

        1. The trick to a good fanfic woobie is to keep him/her in character. Raynes would not go gently into that warm schmoopy comforting night.

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