Valgus by Siempre

Poor Valgus

Here is Valgus looking somber, despite the fact that he is sporting some new fits and a cleaner haircut. A haircut which is actually the one Viridiane suggested I give him back when the idea of Valgus was still in its fetal stages.

Given my liberal use of facial sliders on many of the male NPCs, she’d hinted that perhaps it was time to make some more attractive followers. So I said “Fine, I am going to make you a super sexy man steak,” and Valgus is what I came up with.

When I first showed him to her, she thought the unkempt hair and threadbare robes was a little too “villager,” which of course is why I kept it. Thing is, after developing his character and backstory, it turned out our sexy man was actually a man of the people. Besides, tying the hair back looked way too Geralt of Rivia for my liking.

Of course, that’s what mods are for, to change things to your liking. That’s how you get wonderful screenshots like this, with Valgus of Cyrodiil the way the combs intended.


8 thoughts on “Valgus by Siempre”

  1. Hooray! Thanks for featuring my screenshot XD

    I still haven’t decided if this is “the” outfit for my Valgus. I gave it a spin when my LAL vigilant character had insisted on giving him a Colovian make-over before they entered the court at Solitude to talk to Falk about Wolfskull Cave.

    The hair was a no-brainer though, because even on Farkas I hate that messy, stringy catastrophe but at least he’s young and unhygienic enough that I feel like it fits him. Valgus though? He seems like he would be fastidiously neat to me, and this hairstyle fits him better I think (though now you mention it, it is rather Geralt-y…)

    At this particular point in my plathrough, the pair had just returned to the Hall of the Vigilant to find it destroyed. My character was devastated, and all the grief, loss, and embers swirling around in the air (as well as his complete inability to do anything about it) brought back some very bad memories for poor Valgus.

    1. Ha, yes, that’s perfect reaction to seeing the Hall of the Vigilant destroyed. True, I’d say definitely after you give him some direction he’d gradually start cleaning himself up. When you first meet him he’s at this point in his life where he can heal everyone but himself, so the heavy heart he carries ends up showing in his appearance.

      Really though I just wanted to point out a lot of people went with your hair choice, so it obviously fits him well.

      The outfit looks good too, the nice part about the game is that you can change their look as they grow and develop, as opposed to games where they have a single outfit that never changes.

    2. Is this a vanilla hairstyle? I’ve been meaning to tweak some of my NPCs’ hair. This looks good on him, he still looks sort of careworn but not as elderly.

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