Favorite Followers by ScaredyCatLitter



“so a kajiit, an orc and an argonian walk into an inn”

I started playing skyrim again and im absolutly in love with the interesting npc mod, so here is my dovahkiin (the orc) and her favorite followers.


4 thoughts on “Favorite Followers by ScaredyCatLitter”

  1. Yeah, definitely Inigo. Who’s the button-eyed Dunmer (?) with bullring-pierced nose on the left of Rumarin, though?

  2. thats my dovahkiin and yes its an orc (in skyrim orcs kind of have these crosses for pupils if you look closly) but yes i kind of went oveboard with the pointy ears so it looks more like an elf -.-

    and the kajiit is definitely inigo (there arent much other purpleish cats in skyrim haha)

    i’m glad you guys like it though haha.

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