Tikrid by C-Squared


So it’s too late for a Pi Day, and too early for St. Patrick’s. Which is kind of how Tikrid rolls. Here is a great shot of her staring down (up) what I assume to be a dragon, although it could be a Macho Man depending on the mod.

The shield and armor look fantastic, and I imagine those are mod pieces as well. It’s one of the benefits of not having a mesh/texture person to brand the NPCs with a specific armor. You get to dress them up yourself, any way you like. It’s like Barbies, er, Transformers for adults. Transformers were fun. I put my Optimus Prime in a pink dress and tiara and when Ken took notice he finally let him ride in his Hot Rod. Somehow I am a heterosexual.

Anyways, it’s a great screenshot and a nice addition to the collection. Happy weekend, everyone.

4 thoughts on “Tikrid by C-Squared”

  1. This is the same moment, but zoomed out. Yup. Dragon :)

    The shield and armor is from Hothtrooper’s Immersive Armors, and it’s great in that it adds a nice variety to the game but, as the name implies, everything is pretty lore friendly. For women, especially, there’s a refreshing absence of lingerie-armor. Tikrid’s wearing the “Brigand Dwemer Plate” and it’s basically the Dwemer heavy armor without the shoulder pieces and swapping out the belt/groin pieces with the Scaled light armor set. Basically, the Dwemer armor but less chunky looking.

    Anyway, yeah, I totally agree with your idea about how, after a certain point, the appeal of all of the Bethesda games is basically that we all get to basically play grown-up Barbie/GI Joe/Legos/Star Wars Death Star playset. The lure of building your own house, storing your loot, dressing up your followers in different armor sets — people were doing all of that twenty, thirty years ago except with plastic dolls (*ahem* — “action figures”) . At least now we have tools to create other stuff on top of that and share it with others.

    My other big gaming fix is realtime strategy, and I’m totally honest with myself that all this is just satisfying the little eight year old in me that liked setting up mock battles with my GI Joes in my parents’ backyard.

  2. Funny how in the shot the dragon also seems to be looking at a another dragon in the sky like “Shit, what is that guy doinnng?” xd

  3. My G.I. Joes lived in a fabulous Playmobil mansion, when they weren’t out in the field hiding in mud huts and twig blinds. The furniture is exactly the right size.

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