Skjel the Brave by AmeliaR96



Skjel The Gray is probably my favorite follower from Interesting NPCs. He is perfect for those players who played the game half a billion times and knows every line used in game cause he gonna use those lines and mix them together and just make them funny. I love his insanity. He won’t use weapons in this playthrough tho, I dunno why, prob just a bug Im to lazy to look into. But well, here is some random shots of the best skeleton on the Nexus!

2 thoughts on “Skjel the Brave by AmeliaR96”

  1. In two years of playing Skyrim exclusively, and having had 3dNPC installed for most of that, I didn’t ever manage to find Lost Prospect Mine or come across Skjel.

    (I know where it is – now.. )

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