Nice Try Larkspur by Amethyst

Larkspur: “We sex now?” Dragonborn: “More like we hay fever.”

Whether it’s lavenders or limericks or rock hard abs, Larkspur knows a lot of tricks, but Amethyst’s Dragonborn isn’t buying it.  Get them flowers off my bed, it’s time for a nap.

2 thoughts on “Nice Try Larkspur by Amethyst”

  1. I love Larkspur! He’s a scoundrel, but occasionally he drops a line like “I had a dream we lived together in a village not unlike this one. Our children were very beautiful..” and I can’t help but fall for it a little bit. I actually wish he was marriageable, I’m pretty sure he’s not currently? I like to think he would finally meet his match when it comes to one of my Dragonborns…

    1. I totally agree with you. omg I love him so much, his lines with his great voice. wow just wow. I will wait forever (most probably) for this interesting npc to became able for marriage/dating… really, he is just the npc for my dragonborn, I tried with the others who are available for marriage, but nobody was as interesting for me as Larkspur… tks tks what a hunk. lol

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