New Amazing Nightmare by Viridiane


At long last, it’s finished, up, set.

The IndieGoGo campaign where I hope to raise money for line editing of the first book of New Amazing Nightmare. I’m sooo anxious, it’s been a ton of work and I know nothing about marketing :D Guess it’s time for a cup of tea and an evening with research.

Panicking like a ferret on an electricity wire! Keep your thumbs crossed, please, and if you can, spread the word! Thanks <e-hugs>.


2 thoughts on “New Amazing Nightmare by Viridiane”

  1. Is that you in the video, Viridiane? I ask because I think it’s interesting seeing how people who you kind-of-sort-of know online look in real life. It’s not how you expect them to look, but then again it never is. Anyway, good luck with your book! I’ll spread the word and try and scrounge up some money to donate (though I’d have to ask my parents first… honestly, even though I’m 19 I still ask them for permission for pretty much every purchase I make… Kinda sad, but whatever). Hmm… I wonder if I can get a copy where I live.. (you’re from Poland, right)? Does IndieGoGo do international shipping? (I live in the U.S.)

    1. Hey Sheryl :) Yes, it’s me indeed. I know the feeling, I sometimes hear/read someone’s videos posts for a year or so, and then suddenly they post a photo or tape themselves and it’s pure shock haha. Thank you very much for spreading the word, I appreciate it! And as far as shipping’s concerned – I handle it, so I can send things wherever :)

      Take care and thank you for you interest.

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