3DNPC 3.09.3

Zora with the photobomb

This is update v3.09.3, which should fix Treads’ follow dialogue not showing up after the initial greeting. He’s still an alpha character for testing mostly. The Zora screenshot is courtesy of CorpseHatch.

3DNPC 3.09.3 (67 MB)

In other news, a handful of people have sent in donations recently, and I appreciate them all because hosting isn’t cheap, and has the odd irony of getting more expensive the more successful the mod becomes. But I just want to remind everyone that donations aren’t necessary, you can help pay for the upkeep and other modding associated costs simply by whitelisting AdBlock when browsing this site.

Lastly, a reminder not to be an asshole.

I didn’t want to write about this because honestly, I care more about my favorite team’s crowded outfield than I do this controversy. But this isn’t exclusive to paid mods. This goes back to gamergaters, to one of my actors being harassed for her Dragon Age mod, to the abuse of anonymity, and how we treat our fellow man.

First of all, anonymity isn’t just necessary, it’s vital, and we should always have it. But it isn’t perfect and it never will be. That’s why the onus is on us to police ourselves. To know the line.

Now, I get that it’s a very, very hard thing to do, especially when you’re passionate about something. Divines know I’ve crossed it many times in my life, and it’s only now that I’m somewhat aware of its existence. At my best, I know exactly where it is. At my worst, I don’t see it, but I know to look for it. I try my best to respect it. Because I’m cognizant of the repercussions for crossing it.

I get that it’s invisible. Shit, sometimes, it even moves. And there are times you need to run for it, moments where you need to sprint to the edge and get as close as you can because your voice feels so small and it’s the only way anyone will hear you. But it’s there, somewhere deep in the fog, and when you cross it, it hurts people. And the worst part is, once you cross that line, it doesn’t matter how loud you shout or how many people can hear your voice. You haven’t said a word.

I guess my point is, if you felt like you overreacted to this controversy, use it as a learning experience. Because this wasn’t the first, and it won’t be the last. When the next one comes, be conscious of the line. Learn when to run and when to watch your step. And most important of all, remember the people whose lives you impact when you cross it.

All Fixes and Tweaks from v3.09:

  • Treads-the-Ashes (Alpha)
  • Added failsafe in Pit Dogs if by chance Gorr attacks the Redguards from Hammerfell
  • Stolen Property can be started at Stage 60 or higher of the Forsworn Conspiracy(brawler should be done with by then)
  • Added script to remove Dro’bar‘s coin from your inventory
  • Removed objective markers in Spell it Out for Me on dead targets, added Lurgok as target and conditioned Lagdu’s marker to having started Brakh‘s quest
  • Alassea now requires a brief conversation at the Temple of Mara to qualify for marriage
  • Ability to tell Rumarin whether to use bow or sword
  • Added Wolves of Jorrvaskr to Alassea‘s playlist
  • Added temporary restraints to patrons in Pit Dogs so they don’t run around during the fight
  • Added script to Frodmar to bump Birds of a Feather to stage 20 in the event outside trigger fails to fire
  • Changed objective markers in A Spell for Rumarin to not show once completed
  • Changed Robber’s Refuge patron so she doesn’t have the name of a terrorist organization
  • Removed “A Warrior’s Life” from Ygglief’s list of duets
  • Upon completion of A New Dawn, Olivia and her acolytes are now removed from their factions allowing them to be raised as thralls without consequence.
  • Some unvoiced Valgus lines removed

3 thoughts on “3DNPC 3.09.3”

  1. This whole thing was a mess from start to finish, and I’m not confident that the community will be able to make all the mends it needs to. Still, at least now the lynchpin has been removed, so all that’s left is the fallout (assuming nothing else catastrophic happens). Losing one good modder is bad enough, and over the last few days we lost several; I can only hope we don’t lose more.

  2. Well said.

    Still people want to donate not because they feel like they have to but because they want to. I’d donate if I had more expendable money at the moment because I appreciate all the work you do. The voice actors as well because of the amazing work they have done. This mod has done more for my Skyrim experience than any other. Skyrim is a beautiful palette but this mod makes it truly come to life.

  3. Well said, Kris. I think this should be food for thought for a lot of people. I just hope Chesko would come back. He is an excellent and very supportive modder. He certainly didn’t deserve the hate.

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