Fallout 3 Mods – Chinese Propaganda Radio

One of the things I love about Fallout is its utter lack of seriousness. This is a game that is set in an apocalyptic wasteland, mind you, but the last thing new players should expect is a Cormac McCarthy novel. From the monsters to the robots to the radio, it’s pure pulp. The Road less traveled.

As you may know, a lot of the satire is based on the politics of the day. And it most definitely is satire. That’s why my initial reaction to the vanilla Chinese Propaganda Radio was to laugh, the same way I laughed when I heard President Eden. I didn’t agree with Bethesda’s choice to put on such a thick accent, because the real Tokyo Rose spoke with perfect clarity, but I get the need to sell the character as foreign. I think Jessica Osborne does a much better job here of selling that fact without resorting to PEACE RUVING PEOPRE OF CHINAH like the vanilla actor.

I haven’t decided whether to make this a station that’s only part of The Free and the Pure, as opposed to one you can access at any time like Enclave Radio. We shall see.


3 thoughts on “Fallout 3 Mods – Chinese Propaganda Radio”

  1. First and foremost, Jess did a great job! I often wonder if VAs go “What the hell am I reading?” I’d love to hear their thoughts when they read for a script. xD

    Whenever I hear stuff like this in the game (the vanilla audio) I laugh as well. Personally I don’t see it as them needing the character to sound foreign, more as camp. Kinda like how Mel Brooks, playing a Native American chief in Blazing Saddles, says, “Hosti gezen in dayne lebn? ( Yiddish for Have you ever seen such a thing?) They darker than us! Woof!”

    The devs are trying to sell a world that was everything stupid about McCarthy’s fears. That retro 50s future idea is also chock full of racial faux pas and indignation that it really seems wrong that there’s so little of it found in game. But I understand why they cut a good deal of it out, they gotta actually be able to sell the damn game.

  2. Pure awesomeness. The amount of quality VA in your Skyrim and Fallout mods is off the charts. The writing is top notch as always. Loving everything so far.

  3. Aw, thanks you guys. :D

    I confess that while I had fun doing this, I was secretly praying nobody would go decrying me as a terrible racist or something for this blatantly overdone Chinese type accent. …Then again, I still felt like I improved on the vanilla voice, so hey. It’s something.

    Inspiration for said accent is all Blizzard’s fault, FYI:

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