3DNPC 3.09.4


Here’s a quick update to fix Treads’ dismissal, which was erroneously conditioned to Meresine being in your party. I also went through all the quests and ticked the Allow Reserved box for all NPCs, as recently a user reported problems with aliases filling unless the box was ticked. And if an alias doesn’t fill, then nothing will work, so hopefully ticking all those boxes will help solve any issues on that front.

The BSA is the same this week, as none of the scripts, sound files, or mesh/textures changed from the previous release.

EDIT: Doh, I guess I did add a few scripts after all, at the request of this Reddit user who wanted to kill Froa. Re-uploaded the BSA with the death-causing scripts.

3DNPC 3.09.4 (67 MB)

All Fixes and Tweaks from v3.09:

  • Added option to kill Froa, Ariele, and Y’tharil before completing their respective quests
  • Treads-the-Ashes (Beta) – Fixed hiring and dismissal issues
  • Checked allow reserved box for most aliases to help with alias filling issues
  • Added failsafe in Pit Dogs if by chance Gorr attacks the Redguards from Hammerfell
  • Stolen Property can be started at Stage 60 or higher of the Forsworn Conspiracy(brawler should be done with by then)
  • Added script to remove Dro’bar‘s coin from your inventory
  • Removed objective markers in Spell it Out for Me on dead targets, added Lurgok as target and conditioned Lagdu’s marker to having started Brakh‘s quest
  • Alassea now requires a brief conversation at the Temple of Mara to qualify for marriage
  • Ability to tell Rumarin whether to use bow or sword
  • Added Wolves of Jorrvaskr to Alassea‘s playlist
  • Added temporary restraints to patrons in Pit Dogs so they don’t run around during the fight
  • Added script to Frodmar to bump Birds of a Feather to stage 20 in the event outside trigger fails to fire
  • Changed objective markers in A Spell for Rumarin to not show once completed
  • Changed Robber’s Refuge patron so she doesn’t have the name of a terrorist organization
  • Removed “A Warrior’s Life” from Ygglief’s list of duets
  • Upon completion of A New Dawn, Olivia and her acolytes are now removed from their factions allowing them to be raised as thralls without consequence.
  • Some unvoiced Valgus lines removed

4 thoughts on “3DNPC 3.09.4”

    1. Torrent for 3.09 is in the left sidebar. After you download that, you can then update to 3.09.4 using the linked Zip.

  1. Cannot open store for class “x3dnpcfroadeathscript”, missing file?

    Script missing from update files.

    Update still has incorrect properties associated with WilliamTellArrowNPC or whatever attached to 3d archer plate. Script has to be removed and re-added in Creation Kit. Gets annoying having to do this for each update.

    1. Ah, I guess I did add some scripts between then and now. Forgot about those. Will re-upload with new BSA. It only matters if you’re trying to kill quest NPCs and end quests prematurely, hence the name “Froa death script” which was a request from a Reddit user who wanted to kill Froa – so I’d better fix that for him.

      Gets annoying having to do this for each update.

      Then don’t do it. Property errors are completely meaningless. The trigger functions, the quest functions. But I realize the word “error” is scary if you don’t know what it means, so I recompiled the script.

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