Fallout 3 Mods: Mortar

It’s an all John Crosthwaite weekend, and I think I saved the best for last. Well, last for now, until he voices another NPC, which I assume he will, because he’s awesome like that.

As part of this grand Fallout experiment, I want to mention now that all seven followers will be modular. That doesn’t mean, however, I’m not taking into account the varying personalities of the other six. For me, Mortar was a good change of pace from the other creations, which range from dark to charming to  funny and eccentric. For him, I wanted to drop the -ny and just make him FUN. Hopefully I’ll succeed.


5 thoughts on “Fallout 3 Mods: Mortar”

  1. Awesome. I am ready for Mortar and the rest of the followers :)

    PS: Will the followers comment on quests, locations, etc?

    1. They will, actors willing. Right now I’m going to a location a day and doing the occasional quest.

        1. Well, we’ll see. With Interesting NPCs, I didn’t know how to make quests, so it was harder to get distracted when working on the NPCs and followers.

          These days, I do idle commentary only when I don’t have a good quest idea. It’s something I do during “down time” to fill in the gaps. Kind of like when a catcher plays first base in baseball, they call it “a day off.”

  2. Haha, ok. I guess at some point you will be done with quests and then the commentaries and quests will be balanced. But it’s good you are doing nice quests now that the inspiration is flowing. May the muses be with you :)

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