Fallout 3 Mods: Captain Cosmos

Here’s James McLauchlan doing what has to be one of the more authentic Super Mutant voices in the community. It’s fantastic. After I give this a thorough examination this afternoon, I’ll be adding it to the list of Fallout mods I’ve released for testing, so look for that later today.

8 thoughts on “Fallout 3 Mods: Captain Cosmos”

  1. Wow, amazing voice acting. McLauchlan is a beast (wink, wink). I am so glad that you are adding non aggressive Supermutants to F3. Seriously Bethesda, only one non aggressive Supermutant in Washington? That was a joke. Very glad you are changing that and I hope Captain Cosmos is not the only SM character coming to F3.

  2. Looks awesome! Soooo Fallout 3 is on Steam this weekend for a fiver, so I’ve gone and bought it. Mostly because of these mods.

    So if it’s not a bad place to ask-what are the essential mods I’m gonna want to play it? And is there something along the lines of AFT? I’ll try it out vanilla first of course, till I get the hang of it, but then what should I take a look at for immersion and fixing glitches and stuff? Cheers. :)

    1. LMAO! YESSS!! Aaaahahaha XD this is so awesome! Great voice work!

      I always had a hunch that if you ever did come across him in the Capital Wasteland that he’d end up being a super mutant. I expected to find him hidden away somewhere in an odd corner of the map… though after playing Mothership Zeta I ended up thinking he’d met his end by alien abduction, lol.

      @Ash: Personally, I played both games to death, so I doubt I’ll play them again (despite them being the console versions Dx), but you could try Gopher’s Fallout 3 Mod Clinic videos where he lists – and tries – certain mods for the game. However, the videos are from a few years ago.

      1. @Numeriku: Yeah, I’m way behind on games in general, because grad school. I’ll check those out, thanks. :)

        1. I’d say the main thing is to get a weather mod that removes the puke green filter. That is the most essential thing.

          Having actual colors in the world means a great deal.

      2. @Numeriku
        Ha, yeah, although I’d never want to mess with a potential vanilla character, so it’s ambiguous whether this guy is really Captain Cosmos or just insane.

        Albeit Cosmos is a television character, so it’s unclear whether one actually exists in the canon anyway. Wouldn’t surprise me though if they added him – either through an actual spaceship like Zeta or through a simulation like the Anchorage thing.

  3. @Ash

    This guy, quenosa, has a full series of reviews concerning F3 mods. Pay special attention to his three part series of “100 top Fallout 3 mods”:

    And…graphic mods:

    1. @vegaswanderer: Thank you! That should be helpful, and give me something to do when I am supposed to be working. ;)

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