UPDATE: It looks like rebuilding it from scratch worked and it’s currently stable. But I’m going to test it myself for about a week before I remove the redirect. First I have to upload all the old files – images, avatars, and the like, and see if it breaks again. Next I’m going to try bringing back non-essential plugins – music player, oembed, etc – one by one until it’s finished.

I’ve also been looking into added security measures, like having an e-mail sent to me every time an administrator logs in so I can make sure the IP matches mine. That and other plugins that check whether core files have been altered. Sorry to anyone who had to see those annoying ads, instead of the usual advertisement of Kanye West making out with himself.

Over the weekend, it appears something went wrong with the 3dnpc.com website. While it worked fine for the most part, occasionally clicking on a link would send you to an advertisement spam or generate an equally annoying pop-up.

The only change I made to the site over the weekend was trying Google Adsense as a footer banner, but I’m not sure it’s related as removing the widget didn’t seem to correct the issue. So I’m moving everything back to 3dnpc.org where it’s safe and warm. Right now I’m backing up all the files so I can delete everything and build it up from scratch.

6 thoughts on “Hello!”

  1. Well, If anything, this design looks cleaner and things are easier to spot so maybe it was all for the best xd. I hope you can resolve the issues soon though. Good luck, Kris!

  2. Well, I guess I’m sort of glad it’s not just me and there is a problem. But ugh…

    Wonder if it’s because nasty types are looking for targets based on the Fallout 4 hype?

    1. I don’t know. I spent all day and tried everything under the sun to save it.

      But in the end it might be best just to stick with a reliable site like WordPress or Tumblr. No speed issues, no hackers, cheaper to run too.

      At the same time, the tradeoff of that security is a lack of plugins and other fancy shit.

        1. LOL! Wish I could be more helpful; I guess it depends what you’re after, I see WordPress has some forum plugins so that’s good.

  3. Aw man, I’m gonna miss those ads that had Kanye West making out with himself. Such top quality entertainment.

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