Fallout 3 Mods: Spider – It Came From the Vault!

I have a good feeling that Audrey, who I showed off previously, is going to be universally popular. She has an acid wit, is fun to be around, and is part of the largest quest in the bundle so far. The same is true for Mortar. The big lug will have some features that are fairly unique and will help fill those long, arduous gaps of nothing as you walk the Capital Wasteland.

There are other followers, however, who I’m sure will be much more polarizing. Spider is one such companion. If you like crazy though, she will definitely be in your rotation. Plus, her quest gets you some fun prizes like the three-part holotape series in the video above. Version 0.02 can be downloaded from the wiki page or on the forums, or by just clicking on that link.

4 thoughts on “Fallout 3 Mods: Spider – It Came From the Vault!”

  1. Scieeenceeee! :)

    About the companions…I think you are right. I can see myself wandering a bit with Audrey but not so much with Spider. I just wouldn’t trust what it seems an unstable batshit crazy jonkie to cover my back in the middle of a fight xd. But if you are playing a crazy character yourself I think she could work well there.

    Mortar seems interesting too but I have only seen a bit of him. In any case, as always, amazing work, Kris! Fallout 3 really really needed your magic.

  2. Well, voiced protagonist it is. I don’t know how you feel about that. Todd said the actors voiced 13000 lines of dialogues each. Any brave soul that want to voice that PLUS mod lines? Or just make the main character silent with a mod but that might mess up vanilla story scenes…

    1. The voiced main protagonists is definitely low blow for all possible quest mods, I simply cannot imagine how unvoiced lines could fit into otherwise fully voiced game, maybe voice splicing from original lines could be an option? On first sight FO4 seems like Beth looked on top mods for Fallout older brothers and implemented them directly into the game. Obsidian sort of already did it in New Vegas with weapon mods, needs etc. but now it looks like more integral part of the gameplay. Lets hope that they looked also on some quest mods (I have one particular on my mind ;) ) and have inspired by them too.

  3. Splicing can be a good option but probably not a realistic one. Splicing for both male and female is a lot of work.

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