3DNPC Fallout 3 Bundle v0.01


Here’s the first bundled download for Fallout 3. The one here has an additional mod, The Clara Bella, that is not included in the Nexus release – at least until I can replace some of the prostitute voice files that are from New Vegas.


All of these mods can be started in game, but the Vault 101 questline [3DNPC_FO3.esm] is recommended to play from game start.

Lastly, thanks to all the actors and nonoodles who helped in the making of these mods. Some didn’t make it into this release, but will be added in subsequent updates. I also have some mods for FNV in the works which are close to being ready, so look for those as well.

15 thoughts on “3DNPC Fallout 3 Bundle v0.01”

    1. All the ones that have a wiki page in the FO3 section here:


      The ones in black have yet to be released. I’d also mention that some of the quest mods have followers, and some of the follower mods have quests(Spider, Chapel) as well as other stuff.

        1. Yeah, also I should mention some have locations on your Pip-Boy so they’ll be easy to find. Others are in vanilla locations and those don’t show up right away, so up to you whether you want to look those up or find them organically.

  1. I’ll play organically I think. I don’t have so much time at the moment but I have already downloaded it :)

    Looks really cool, Kris. :)

  2. WOW! Really awesome thanks for sharing this! :) And I just re-installed Fallout 3 after watching the F4 videos :D

    Question: You made this mod with a vanilla fallout 3 game (no other mods) ?, Will this mod play nicely with FOOK2 and other larger FO3 mods? I’ll try it anyway… Go through FO3Edit for conflicts etc…

    1. The mods aren’t dependent on anything, made with the vanilla game because that’s all I know.

      If any conflicts exist, it’s because another mod used the same abandoned building as I did, maybe put a door in the same place and edited the same navmeshes. I usually Googled in advance though. For instance, I wanted to make a movie theater using the Broadway Cinema, but somebody already made a mod with that location, so I scrapped it.

      For Vault 101, I added new chairs for the GOAT test and altered the navmesh so that people could sit in them. I’m guessing I’m not the first to do it though.

  3. Yay~! Glad to see the bundle out finally. I will have to give this a try as well. :D

    I’m a little confused, why can’t you use the prostitute lines from New Vegas? Is it because it’s Obsidian content? If that’s the case I hope it’s not to much trouble for you to get them recast. I know some folks aren’t comfortable doing “adult” lines, but I personally don’t think they’re all that obscene; I’ve heard worse come-ons and cat calls walking down the street. At least this way you can jazz up the lines a little, make them slightly different then the original script so they can be more entertaining or lustful.

    1. Yup, they’re technically assets from another game. I learned that when someone chastised me for using Dawnguard assets in the Vigilance and Virtue quest for the hounds. So I had to switch them to ghostly hounds.

      They’re just filler prostitute lines so I doubt Obsidian/Bethesda would care, but best to play it safe and make it an “underground” mod.

  4. Working well so far on a new game with quite a few other mods alongside (list here – pastebin.com/Bqu8gjuy). I’m on my way to GNR right now…

    Really well done work, Thanks again! I’m surprised Bethesda hasn’t recruited you to work on their upcoming games. From the content I’ve seen so far in this mod, the NPCs dialogue and overall quality is way above that in vanilla Fallout.

    Keep up the awesome work!

    1. Not sure if it’s compatible, but you can recruit more than one because it’s modular and they don’t use the same system. They don’t even know other mods exist. But since they’re masters, if I ever did want to make a quest with 2 of the followers, I can just make a separate ESP that has say, 3DNPC_Spider.esm and 3DNPC_Mortar.esm as masters.

  5. Cool, then I won’t need the multiple follower mod :)

    Mortar is a winner, he just needs an epic beard. I’ve just realized that not many of your followers sport mighty beards, Kris! :)

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