Hope Lies v0.02


Here’s Hope Lies v0.02, now with a personal quest. With the news that Fallout 4 is going to have a voiced protagonist, I’m leaning toward keeping Hope in New Vegas. Jessica Osborne you know, and Jesus Acosta rounds out the cast.


If you’ve already asked Hope about her orchid hunt, you can start the quest by talking to her at either the Goodsprings or Mojave Outpost tavern. I think Vegas and a couple other locations work too, but those are the most obvious. I’ll make a proper wiki once I have time.

Fallout 3 bundle coming tomorrow.

5 thoughts on “Hope Lies v0.02”

  1. Cool! It’s gonna be weird to listen to myself in-game but I really wanna try the companion. This is the perfect excuse to go back to New Vegas :)

  2. Oh lovely, I shall load her up and give her a try. Should be fun!

    Shame about the main character having a voice and all that. I mean I don’t have a problem with it, but it does bring on some new limitations. Hopefully another mod will come out, like an overhaul mod similar to Project Nevada, that will integrate some way to have a silent protagonist. Or maybe it’ll be included in the vanilla game already, something like a “classic mode” were you can switch between the old version and the new version of the dialogue HUDs . I’m really, really hoping for the latter option, personally, as having to depend on another mod can be troublesome.

  3. The thing is, Mouse, even if they bring mods to mute the main character, then quest mods are gonna have dependencies on that mod and I assume Kris would rather have zero dependencies towards others mods. I doubt they would include classic mode in vanilla F4 but we can dream. I also like the voiced protagonist but it’s very limiting for new adventures and quests! :(

  4. *late to the party*

    Yeah, E3 Bethesda’s fallout 4 bit had me cheering with the settlement building and the mod support on consoles…until I realized the voiced protagonist and settlement building would screw with possibilities for a 3DNPC mod.

    The former I could see being remedied by just getting at the very least a sound-a-like VA to voice the protagonist’s lines in the mod, but even if such a VA existed then you’re still limited to the telltale-style 4 dialogue choices. That was a bummer.

    Might have to nab Fallout 3, then. Summer Sale had it…though that “not optimized for windows 7 and up” thing is staring me with evil eyes.

  5. I’m so behind the curve lately– but yaay! Happy to see this released. And one of these days I’ll actually play it. Hope was entirely too fun to voice, because she’s just so darn sweet and adorable. :3 10/10 would do again in a heartbeat.

    I get sort of torn on the voice protagonist thing. I think it works beautifully in rather (overall) linear games like Dragon Age, but for the more sandboxy, do whatever the heck you want things like Elder Scrolls and Fallout, I sort of prefer the lacking voiceover.

    ..Really, Bethesda should just work on hiring MORE voice actors so they aren’t using the same five people to voice an entire country’s worth of people.

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