New Site Layout

All right, I finally found a theme that I like. I still might change the colors to be more Fallout-y, these are just the default hues. Still, you can’t go wrong with blue. It’s the color of the ocean, the sky, and jeans. Also Mirelurks.

The one part I haven’t been able to figure out is how to get the LEAVE A COMMENT link at the top of the post, I’m assuming I just have to add a bit of code somewhere, but since Google isn’t much help I’ll probably ask the theme creators for help. For now you can just click on the post title and leave a comment that way. I suppose it’s not much different than how that normally works, just a little less intuitive.

EDIT: Yeeeees! Got that shit done. Basically just copied the code from the previous theme and changed the theme name.

if ( ! post_password_required() && ( comments_open() || get_comments_number() ) ) :
<span class=”comments-link”><?php comments_popup_link( __( ‘Leave a comment’, ‘areview’ ), __( ‘1 Comment’, ‘areview’ ), __( ‘% Comments’, ‘areview’ ) ); ?></span>

edit_post_link( __( ‘Edit’, ‘areview’ ), ‘<span class=”edit-link”>’, ‘</span>’ );

Anyways, you can find pretty much everything on the header bar. Downloads, forums, wiki, scripts, and screenshots. The sidebar will have extra goodies related to the site, as well as recent forum replies. The theme also has a carousel you can place under the header, but I’m not entirely sure how to make it function properly. In any case, let me know if you have any suggestions or have any feedback that would help make browsing the site easier.

23 thoughts on “New Site Layout”

  1. He,he, you are totally gearing towards a more Fallout oriented blog (and mods). Does that mean you consider 3dnpc Skyrim edition finished?

    PS: Congrats on the new theme. It looks slick and fantastic overall. :)

    1. It’ll never be finished. Might have a release next week with a newly recorded Moris the Draugr. Just have to get around to renaming the files.

  2. Awesome! I just love new characters. They keep the game fresh. Thank you again for all you work. Skyrim wouldn’t be the same without your mod.
    Edit: I remember now that I met Moris at some point. In any case, new recordings! :)

  3. Ack, what madness is this? xD

    Startled, but not unhappy. It’s actually a pretty good theme, it’ll take some getting used to. I think the only thing that I can bring up is the amount of empty space in some areas. It’s hard for me to explain… Ah well, it’s probably just me.

    1. Yeah, basically the main difference is the left sidebar is gone and has been replaced by the header on top.

      The maximum width of the posts is more or less the same, and probably a standard length regardless of what theme you use. Probably for readability, if the text stretched too far it wouldn’t like as full.

      1. What about one of those little graphics down at the bottom of the page in the background that stays locked in place when you scroll up and down? It could be like a 3dnpc logo that looks similar to one of those hanko ink stamps. Or it could be a vault door gear with 3dnpc on it.

        1. Do you mean like the stuff in the footer? This theme allows for 3 footers, Footer A, Footer B, and Footer C.

          You can put multiple things in each Footer, but they stack on top of each other so it looks kind of ugly. So I just used one widget for each Footer – A,B,C.

          I’m not married to any of those that are down there though – screenshots can be accesed via the header – so if you think something else should be there then I’d be happy to switch it up.

          Areview also has a carousel option up top. I’m not entirely sure how to get it working though. Will have to play around with it later.

        2. Oh no, not the footers, more like the background. A simple image in the background behind the tables and footers in the blue coloring of the site, except it’s aligned and anchored in the bottom right corner rather then scaling or stretched.

          Does that make sense? It’s been a long, long time since I’ve done any sort of web page building and editing.

        3. You mean like the advertisement backsplashes people use, e.g. a static image in the background like so Vault Boy and the NCR ranger here?


        4. Yes, exactly! Only in the case of your blog/site the image won’t be so large. Just a single, simple, clean image. A logo of some sort. Something that is more focused on 3DNPC rather then something that is recognized from any one game. This way it can be used to cover multiple games and can be easy to alter.

        5. There is a background image option. I just grabbed a random image, but I’m sure if you resized it so it filled the whole screen and the top was transparent you could avoid it leaking into the header.


        6. Oh you bastard, now that theme song is gonna be stuck in my head the rest of the day.

          But yes that’s a good start I think. Instead of it tiling (repeat) a large image that is all transparent with only the logo that is aligned at the bottom right or left would work. I can’t remember the basic code for that, I’m afraid.

          Who was it that helped you with the logos for the podcasts? Whoever it was they had some good ideas. The only idea I had was the stamp like signature.

          …Life is like a hurricane
          Here in Duckburg– DAMMIT!

  4. I like the colour scheme, restful on the old eyes! Will have to explore some more, but I came by to check out the marriageable NPCs and it looks like the table column widths might have wandered off a bit?

    1. Hm, what’s it look like on your side. Mine just shows it wrapping in weird places. I could put

      table {
      table-layout: fixed;
      width: 100%;

      And then it only wraps weird at the end. If I use this

      table {
      white-space: nowrap;

      Then no text wraps but the words go off into the sidebar. Might try that and then manually wrapping it.

      1. Yeah, I think I just have to change the tables manually.

        So if the table itself is

        td colspan=”3″

        that means it’s a 3 column table, so if it’s NPCs and locations, the locations would be 1 column and the NPCs would be 2

        th colspan=”1″

        th colspan=”2″

        1. For example, if you edit the wiki for Honor’s Calling and The Children Fair and look at the HTML /text version, you can see where I added the manual td colspan=”3″ whereas with Children’s Fair it’s just TD

          There must be a way to edit the CSS though and make the tables automatically full-width

        2. Yeah, I added the

          table {
          table-layout: fixed;
          width: 100%;

          code and then manually edited the column size with th colspan=”2″

          Need to do that for all the pages with tables really, it’ll just be a slow process

  5. Wow… it looks so different (not in a bad way, it’s just gonna take some getting used to)! :O
    Just to clarify, this doesn’t mean you’re gonna stop working on iNPCs, right? Or is it more taking a break from Skyrim modding for a little while and focusing on Fallout modding and then switching back to Skyrim later? I know I cycle through my games every so often. Right now I’m on Skyrim, but my toaster of a laptop won’t let me install many mods (i’m playing on low settings with 30 FPS)P. ARGH! I NEED A NEW COMPUTER!

    Anyway, hopefully you won’t halt iNPCs completely… ‘Cause that would make me sad (VERY SAD). iNPCs is honestly one of the few mods that make playing Skyrim worthwhile (besides staples like SkyUI and such).

    1. Well by then TESVI might come out. But yeah it just depends on what you feel like playing.

      The one restriction with Skyrim is when an actor leaves the project, you can’t use that NPC ever again unless it’s a role you can replace like with Jerulith. Anum-La or Qa’Dojo, not so much.

  6. Are Anum-La and Qa’Dojo’s actors out of the project? That would be sad, they are both awesome!! :/

    1. As far as I know. Some actors come back after a long hiatus. Others have gone pro and don’t do volunteer work, so those are gone for sure. For those 2 I have no idea, I just know replacing them would be foolish given how many lines it is, how well they voiced them, and how attached the voices are to the characters in question.

  7. Yeah, it woulb be foolish. Their voices are now iconic and linked to the characters and the number of lines…it’s crazy. It’s a shame you cannot write more content for them but there is already more content than we could imagine.

    One character that I wish he had more lines is Gorr. He always felt underdeveloped to me (Is the actor still willing?). Specially the tandem Gorr-Hjoromir, which is hilarious. I love those two.

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