Stargazing by Siempre

Screenshot by Siempre

Here is Siempre‘s Dragonborn and Valgus enjoying a starry night. I suppose this is when Valgus points out a constellation and tells some romantic story about Alindra’s Tears. If it were me, I’d probably interrupt him to mention how the stars aren’t stars but holes in Aetherius and how it’d be kind of funny if some great big monster peeked his eye through said hole, or worse yet a penis. Also, Alindra and the Soldier is a story from Dragon Age, not Elder Scrolls. Seriously Valgus, are we even looking at the same sky? And now I’ve spoiled the mood.

5 thoughts on “Stargazing by Siempre”

  1. Of course, there might be a TES version of the Weaver/Cowherd story, but I couldn’t fine one.

    Anyways, I thought it was a somewhat appropriate screenshot since July 7th is coming up. At least, that’s when they have Tanabata in Japan.

  2. And just like that, the magic is gone…

    (Psst- Kaia, he ain’t foolin’ me. The romantic is in there… somewhere… probably buried underneath all those star-penises, bikini-clad Deathclaws and 80’s songs.)

    1. hoi! There were lots of romantic 80s songs! Who can forget taking their baby by the ears? Or telling them to change their mind before they both were sorry?

      Actually, Valgus is probably humming “Poison Arrow” right about now…

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