Happy Birthday America!


Here’s some fake poster/cards I photoshopped of the three male followers in the bundle. As you may have noticed, for you have a keen eye for such things, they are colored red, white, and blue, the colors of America. Also France. And Liberia. And Taiwan. And Iceland. And North Korea. Okay, so maybe the color scheme isn’t entirely original, but the point is, nobody cares. Not here in America.

For today we dine on hot dogs and buffalo wings and other animals that we hunted to extinction. Why? Because we can. There are no sad toy pianos playing America the Beautiful, for it would burst into flames in protest. No, the music of freedom can only be heard through thunderous explosions, played via a symphony of illegal Chinese fireworks. There is nothing more American than that.

7 thoughts on “Happy Birthday America!”

  1. Speaking of these three handsome wanderers of the wastes–this is probably me being useless in some fashion, but I can’t seem to make any of them turn up in my game? I’ve plonked all the files into the Data folder with all the various other mods, run LOOT, got that little Archive Invalidator thing in case it just wasn’t realising they were there–is there a trick? I mean, I’ve managed to get other mods working, so I don’t think I’m a complete moron, but it is possible.

    1. Hm…do the extra locations show up in your game? Like do you see Abandoned Building to the east and Dot’s Diner in the southwest? If not then they’re probably not activated.


      I’m not all that familiar with LOOT or modding tools. I just drag and drop into the data folder, then open the launcher and check the boxes.

      1. …see, this is why I never like to totally write off the idea that I’ve just done something stupid. The answer is ‘FOSE doesn’t let you see the ticky boxes, you have to do that through Steam.’ I expect that everybody who actually knows things instead of just faking it knew that already. ;)

        Boxes are ticked, gonna hope it works now.

        1. Well, I have now landed at a big conference thing where I am apparently supposed to act like a real academic for the next couple of weeks, so I won’t get to try any of them out till then anyway.

          But now I know it works! Picked up Mortar and now am slightly less lonely wandering the wastes.

  2. Woo! Happy birthday America~! Nothing like celebrating the birth of a nation like getting super crunk and blowing up a small chunk of it. Would have posted sooner, but well… See my previous statement. Hope those who celebrate had a good time. <3

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