Fallout NV Mods: The Blue Note


I haven’t really put as much effort into Fallout: New Vegas as I would’ve liked, for the simple fact that New Vegas itself is the more complete game. That isn’t a knock on Bethesda, because much like with modding, Obsidian had the advantage of building on top of an existing framework. The point is New Vegas already has followers, tons of DLC, and a mostly full landscape. Fallout 3 is just a game with more gaps to fill.

All that being said, there are some stories that just fit the world of Vegas better, and The Blue Note is one such quest. You’ll find it in Freeside, a quiet little club tucked away in a nameless alley, far away from the sleazier Atomic Wrangler and the neon suns of Vegas.

As I mentioned in the forum post, this is a blog download only, because it’s a bit of a bootleg production and would probably get banned from Nexus. Credit to nonoodles for building the interior cells and outfits. This has only been tested by yours truly, so it’s still in alpha. Please report any bugs by clicking the button in the header.

Alpha Version 0.02:

For more information:

Carmen – Loes Van Honk
Jack – Elko
Mister Grant – Daniel Hodge
Angry Patron – Mr. Headcrab
Alice – Alice Bell
Hal – Matthew Dixon
Laura Lafferty – myhairisramen

3 thoughts on “Fallout NV Mods: The Blue Note”

  1. I have no idea, I guess you just gotta try it. The club, as you’ll notice does not use an existing building or boarded up door, so I doubt anyone else has used that location, it’s more the navmeshes in that specific exterior cell that could conflict, since we’re both editing the same space.

    I think worst case though is a follower might not follow you inside, as the player isn’t really bound to navmeshes. Not problematic for this mod, but others I don’t know if followers are needed.

    If you’re really worried, just make a save before installation and uninstall/revert if things get wacky.

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