Fallout 3 Mods: Atomic Radio – The Lone Gunman

Originally the radio channel was just going to be nothing but comedy, intentional and ironic. It would be the Skjarn of 1950’s radio. The thing is, even with satire, you really can’t just play one note. I mean you could, but I feel like the best things in life mix in a combination of drama and comedy, irony and sincerity. So here’s a preview of a sketch that’s a little more serious, voiced by Ash Eluned.


2 thoughts on “Fallout 3 Mods: Atomic Radio – The Lone Gunman”

  1. Ever thought about doing a kind of late night horror radio story? Just when the sun is setting on the wasteland or during the night. Horror stories about ghoul attacks, or maybe even some twilight zone type stories?
    Not sure if that fits the theme of your Mod or not.

  2. Yeah, I’ve got one horror sketch already, for a few days it was on the script page I sent you but got cast, it required a child voice though. They’ll be more on the way of course, I usually add a sketch or commercial every day, and I need more serious stuff to balance out all the satire. I also want to do something that ties in to the horror mod that’s in the bundle.

    I didn’t think about conditioning it to time though, that’s a really good idea.

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