Fallout NV Mods: Velius – A Legion Companion

Here’s a character that’s been in the works for some time, an ex-Legion companion for Fallout: New Vegas. Velius is voiced by Dazedblackbird and is unique for a variety of reasons, the most notable of which is he’s transgender, and how he reconciles that reality with the misogynistic attitudes of his peers is something I felt was worth exploring. He also can do some serious ninja shit too, as seen in the video.

3 thoughts on “Fallout NV Mods: Velius – A Legion Companion”

  1. Awesome companion and character! Why there is no topic about this mod in forum section? Seems discriminating :D To be serious, again, he’s an awesome character and I hope that work on this mod will be continued ^_^

    1. Must’ve forgot to make one ( you should have the ability to make them as well).

      Here you go.

      I think in general the FO3/FNV mods haven’t gotten much play since FO4 came out, so I’m glad to see people are playing them.

      1. Thank you! o/ I’ll drop a ton of questions after holidays ^_^

        Spent 1,5 month in FO4, but then found nothing more to do in game until some more complicated mods come out, at least… And I still have ton of mods in FNV unfinished! For example, never managed to see Carmen off-hours in The Blue Note :D

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