3DNPC v3.12

Here’s version 3.12 which forwards some changes made by Dragonborn.esm to a few cell heights, probably to let dragons soar higher than they ever have before. Also put Raynes’ marriage line in the proper folder (it was in the wrong place for 3.11). Since it’s a marriage line it should be in Data/Sound/Voice/Skyrim.esm  and not 3DNPC.esp.

I also added the bards to the BardAudienceExcludedFaction. This will prevent them from becoming the audience of a vanilla bard if you take one to an inn, which is problematic if they’re in the middle of a song. This won’t take effect until your next game.

3DNPC 3.12

All Fixes and Tweaks from v3.10:

  • Added mod bards to the BardAudienceExcludedFaction
  • Forwarded some MHDT changes made by Dragonborn.esm
  • Carmella’s skeletons are now protected
  • Carmella removed from necromancer faction and added to Riverwood faction to avoid battles at inn
  • Fixed a scene near the end of As You Like It that sent Daenlyn to the docks making him AWOL for the actual scene
  • Removed (Quest in Alpha) on dialogue to start Aldmeri Prisoner
  • Disabled trigger box in longhouse of Idle Dreams after initial use, as running into it a second time would make the initial scene repeat
  • Fixed Batheru’s intro dialogue not to repeat when speaking to a Dunmer character
  • Made Blood of Kings possible to start before Pit Dogs. However, starting either quest must be done to completion before you can start the other.

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