Fallout NV Mods: Generic NPCs – Pollock, Gumdrop and Chainsaw

Here’s some more NPCs for New Vegas. Still working on getting Chainsaw voiced, but Pollock (Tyler Shwed) and Gumdrop (Alienslikechocolate) are done. I’m probably going to merge these dialogue and story based NPCs with the background ones I showed earlier because there simply aren’t enough of them to justify an additional mod. Just have to figure out how to do that first.

In any case, with Fallout 4 on the horizon, I’m hoping to wrap up these bits and focus solely on expanding the radio, at least until I get a better idea of what Fallout 4’s needs are.

5 thoughts on “Fallout NV Mods: Generic NPCs – Pollock, Gumdrop and Chainsaw”

  1. If Bethesda was really astute they would have a hot line directly to Kris, informing him of what is needed to develop really in depth characters and quests for Fallout 4.

    Not sure about Willow, but I do know that Vilja and Inigo will not be making a Massachusetts entrance. I think SmartBlueCat for Inigo might be missing the boat when it comes to introducing an evolved Black Cat from Salem, Massachusetts.

    A deranged Reverend Cotton Mather robot bent on “burning the witches” would be a fun character for Interesting Wasteland Characters and Adventures (IWCA).

    1. Emma mentioned going back to modding Oblivion, and Skywind might coax others to do the same with Morrowind. Even if they wanted to put Vilja and Inigo into Fallout 4, the voiced protagonist will likely preclude that, same reason why I scrapped Hope and Vincent for that game.

      Besides, I actually think we’re going to get much more developed vanilla characters this time around, if the amount of lines for the protagonist and limited companion options (only 12) are any indication.

      I have a feeling that Fallout 4, being a much more complete game, won’t need new NPCs, but it could always do with more radio options, hence my focus will be there.

      But we’ll find out in 7 weeks.

  2. more than 7 weeks for me. I want to wait out an update or two or three.

    I imagine you will have an excellent radio option. “In the Cool, Cool, Cool of the Evening” by Hoagy Carmichael and Johnny Mercer would make for a nice 50’s song.

    1. Cool, I’ll look that up.

      Yeah, music might be the biggest hurdle for FO4. And it does need music unfortunately, as it greatly helps space out the talking bits.

      The FO3 version no one is downloading anyway, so I’m fine with a bootleg operation here, and 45 second snippets for the Nexus version to avoid copyright police.

      But the FO4 version I’d like to make halal for Nexus/PS4/Xbox/Steam etcetera. But Conelrad used up a lot of the good public domain songs. Most of what I’ve found either the recording is too poor or the legality of the recording is too sketchy. Classical might be a better option since it’s much, much older and more likely to be free.

  3. classical eh? The finlandia hymn is always fun and public domain. The Brandenburg concertos would add some liveliness. The Ride of the valkeries and the cressendo of Thus spake zarathustra are pretty lively too.

    so what does the player speaking mean for modding? Who will keep playing fallout 4 without a bunch of character and quest mods?

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