3DNPC FNV Bundle v0.01b


With Fallout 4 less than three weeks away, it’s time to start wrapping up production on some of the FNV/FO3 stuff I’ve been working on. This bundle for Fallout: New Vegas includes all the previous mods we’ve released, as well as extra generic and background NPCs. The mods can be downloaded individually from the wiki page, as well as credits, locations, and Form IDs.

3DNPC FNV Bundle v0.01b

Note: Whoops, that was embarassing. I included the Fallout 3 background NPCs instead of the FNV ones, re-uploaded. Thanks to Arnie for pointing that out. Make sure the one you downloaded is v0.01b, or just download the Background NPCs from the wiki page here if you downloaded v0.01.

All in all it includes:

  • The Blue Note
  • Hope Lies
  • Vincent Vincent
  • Velius
  • Generic NPCs
  • Background NPCs

The generic NPCs are the kind you have conversations with, like Xiaojian.

The background NPCs are the ones that mostly ignore you and talk to each other.

Altogether it’s about 170MB worth of content, smaller than what you’ll find in the Fallout 3 Bundle, but that’s to be expected since most of these are supplemental NPCs as opposed to fully fledged quests and companions. Still, it should add some flavor to your game.

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