Fallout 4 Mod – Classical Radio Replacer

So after seeing all the replacer mods out on Nexus, I decided to try and take over one of the vanilla stations just to see if I could. This replaces the Classical Radio station. Obviously it’s not ideal for that reason alone, but there’s a few other limitations in place that may not be completely obvious.

For one, the limited tracks available made it so I had to combine a lot of the sketches and skits. In other words, they’re a lot less random than what you’d find in the Fallout 3 version of Atomic Radio (that version also has music). Lastly, I’m still learning all the new Pre-War companies that have been introduced in this game, so most of the commercials are for previously known corporations.

EDIT: Download a standalone version here.

To install, you need to edit the Fallout4.ini file in the following folder:

DocumentsMy GamesFallout4

Then replace the line




Technically you only need Sound, but I noticed other mods are listing all the folders in case you are using texture replacers too. Then simply merge the Data folder in the zip file with the one in your Fallout 4 directory.

To uninstall, just delete the files.

I should note that I have not played the game to the end, so I have no idea if the Classical Radio channel – being an Institute owned station – plays any role in the story. The replacer will also play in settings where classical music is ideal for the mood, like in posh areas, so keep that in mind as well. Shit’s mostly for giggles and feedback.


4 thoughts on “Fallout 4 Mod – Classical Radio Replacer”

  1. Just found out one of the skits (a cartoon with a cat/dog) repeated itself, so fixed. Also added text instructions and two more sketches to the zip that I got done just now.

  2. Added a few more skits and some space between as some play too quickly.

    I’ve noticed the vanilla radio doesn’t have a good randomizer either. Like some tracks will repeat right after another.

    Curious as to why, FO3’s radio had a script to prevent a song playing twice in a row. Won’t know until the modding kit comes out though and I can peek inside.

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