Steven Universe Parody by Numeriku

5 thoughts on “Steven Universe Parody by Numeriku”

  1. I guess “crossover” was the word I was looking for, not parody. Ah well, I can’t English. It’s awesome nonetheless.

    Technically, personality wise it’d fit better if Rumarin was learning magic and Valgus was Pearl, but visually I like it this way better with Rumarin being tall, skinny/angular and Valgus the round human.

    1. Haha, it’s a kid’s show, so if anything I should feel weird for knowing the characters. Like Undertale, it’s one of those fandoms that’s so omnipresent on Tumblr I decided, “Eh, I’ll watch it, just to see what all the fuss is over.”

      But yeah, I ended up really liking it, it’s very anime-ish and kid-friendly show, but what makes it great for me is the fact that it’s really earnest, positive and sincere. So it’s a nice counterweight to an internet culture that is cynical, mean, and relies a lot on insult-based humor. Kind of like the same way Undertale plays against tropes of violence in video games.

      In general, I’m really big on consuming media that plays opposite to the current trend or things I’ve watched recently. So like, when I run Fallout through the ringer, I’m gonna be in a much better mindset to play fantasy again, and vice versa. Whereas at the end of last year, after Skyrim, DAI, and TW3, I was burned out on the concept, and as much as I loved Dragon’s Dogma when it came out, I’ll probably wait before trying the PC port.

      1. I feel like little Valgus would have been exactly like Steven.

        … Now I have to ask whether Valgus has healing powers in his spit.

  2. Aww man, now I really have to watch it. Then again, anything that is the polar opposite of reality and negativity is right up my alley.

    Pfff, no one is ever too old for cartoons. (Well, excluding pretty much all the stuff they aim at toddlers/children. I love my nephew, but if I have to sit through one more episode of Peppa Pig I’m gonna jump out of a bloody window.)

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