Atomic Radio – FO4Edit Version

DOWNLOAD Atomic_Radio (FO4Edit Version 0.03)

  • v0.02 – Fixed a file path mistake (Thanks to Casum)
  • v0.03 It seems the radio craps out after 30 tracks and starts over. Rearranged track order so skipped tracks now play correctly. Instead the blank, replaceable files in the FM folder will be skipped (31-40) until there’s an update/fix.

Here’s a standalone version of Atomic Radio made using junior99Au’s Personal Radio and Zilav’s Sanctuary Radio and FO4edit. Since it was done without the GECK, this is still a limited version of the eventual mod. While the amount of content will give the impression it’s random, there’s no randomizing script in place and no conditions utilized to account for time. Moreover, when the actual mod is released the late night programs will only play at night, and cartoons and kids programs will only play in the morning. Right now there’s no conditions.

The mod has 2 folders, AM and FM. The FM is designed to work like Personal Radio, you can replace the 10 tracks with whatever song you want, WAV or XWM format. Eventually all the music will be done in this fashion to avoid the sting of the copyright bees, but for now I’ve put in some music in the AM folder as well to balance out the talk bits.

The cast of actors is long and would take up multiple pages, but I would be remiss not to mention their tireless efforts, without whom the project would not exist, so here is the current credits hidden with spoiler tags. It will continue to be updated as sketches are added.



Abraxo Scouring Powder
Announcer – Lila Paws
Susan – Lila Paws

Abraxodyne Mouthwash
Announcer – Elko

Big Boss/Grey Tortoise Cigarette Cologne
Announcer – David Boffa

Blades Razors
Announcer – Alice Bell

Blamco Mac and Cheese
Fred Barnes – Fairfield Fencer

Blast Radius
Announcer – Michael Pierattini
Oppenheimer – Roksys

BosCom Phone and TV
Gran – Leara Morris-Clark
Announcer – Lindsey Lorraine
Paulie – Roksys

Boston Bugle
Announcer – D.A.R.K.

Codac Cameras
Announcer – Victoria Bowes

Corvega Atomic V8
Announcer – David Boffa

Announcer – Michael Pierattini
Sam Smith – Roksys
Lynn Beasley – Anna Castiglioni

Cuppa Joe – Murder
Husband – Will Handford
Wife – Rebecca Cardenas

Cuppa Joe – Name
Man – Chase Young
Woman – Ash Eluned

Dot’s Diner – Baseball
Announcer – John Crosthwaite

Fallon’s – Losing Your Man
Announcer – Mistered

Fallon’s – Dress For the Job You Want
Announcer – Mistered

Fancy Lads Snack Cakes
Announcer – Mindwinder

Giddyup Buttercup
Announcer – Alice Bell

Greasy Prospector Meat Machine Gun
Announcer – Elko

Grey Tortoise Apology
Announcer – Anna Castiglioni

Grey Tortoise Man
Announcer – Noi Sek
Smoker – Shannon L. Shook (Arvil143)

Gwinnett Beer
Announcer – James McLauchlan

Haymarket Mall
Announcer – Jessica Osborne

Hester’s Consumer Robotics
Announcer – Headlessstormtrooper
Housewife – Lindsey Lorraine

Joe’s Spuckies
Announcer – MooderFooger

Kennedy Campaign Ad
Kennedy – FairfieldFencer

Laser Grafter Plastic Surgery
Announcer – Rebecca Cardenas

Mary May Radioactive Cosmetics
Announcer – Victoria Bowes

Mass Fusion
Announcer – Will Handford

Announcer – Klaus Krönung
Chip – Klaus Krönung
Rocky – Klaus Krönung

General Atomics Mr. Handy – Man’s Best Friend
Mr. Handy – FairfieldFencer

Nuka Cola – Babies
Announcer – Amanda Milstein

Nuka Cola – Calories
Announcer – Rebecca Cardenas

Nuka Cola – Quantum
Announcer – Roksys

Parsons State Insane Asylum
Announcer – Alice Bell
Gabi King – Woman 1
Anna Castiglioni – Woman 2

Penis Elixir
Announcer – James McLauchlan

People’s Bank
Announcer – Rebecca Cardenas

Picket Fences
Announcer – Jessica Osborne

Pinelli’s Baker
Announcer – Ivy Dupler

Pulowski Bomb Shelter
Announcer – Bakerbelle

Radiation King – Broken TV
Wife – Alice Bell
Husband – Michael Pierattini

Radiation King – Elvis
Elvis – Fairfieldfencer
Teen – Elko

Red Rocket – Greaser
Announcer – Mistered

Red Rocket – Sexy Car
Announcer – Roksys
Car – Lindsey Lorraine

Robco – Soul Mate
Announcer – J.T. Decker

San Francisco Sunlights
Announcer – Shannon L. Shook (Arvil143)

Shamrock Taphouse
Irishman – Fairfieldfencer
O’Brien – Michael Pierattini

Slocum’s Joe – Coffee and a Jelly Donut
Man 1 – Roksys
Man 2 – Roksys

Slocum’s Joe – Cup of Coffee
Announcer – FairfieldFencer
Connor Affleck – Somerandomguywithavoice
Roastmaster – Headlessstormtrooper

Bill Sherman – Elko

Spring Valley Potato Crisps – Moon Map
Announcer – Michael Pierattini
Spring Valley Potato Crisps – Light and Crisp
Announcer – Rebecca Cardenas

Sugar Bombs – Captain Cosmos
Captain Cosmos – J.T. Decker

Sugar Bombs – Secret Squadron 1 & 2
Admiral Midnight – Chase Young

Super Duper Mart – Allergic to Cherries
Joshua Brayton

Super Duper Mart – Super Heroes
Mom – Anna Castiglioni
Child – Rebecca Cardenas

Supra-Thaw Anti-Freeze 1
Tropic Man – Will Handford
Teen -Lindsey Lorraine

Supra-Thaw Anti-Freeze 2
Tropic Man – Will Handford
Siberian Shiver – Somerandomguywithavoice

Universal Electric TV
Announcer – Headlessstormtrooper

Vault-Tec – Gary
Announcer – Lynkstar

Washington Campaign Ad
Announcer – James McLauchlan

Announcer – J.T. Decker

Weatherby Savings and Loan
Announcer – FairfieldFencer

Wicked Shipping
Boss Man Blake – Will Handford

Midnight Horror

Narrator – David Boffa
Dreamer – David Boffa

Narrator – Leara Morris-Clark

Haunted Radio
Wife – Ash Eluned
Husband – J.T. Decker

On the Lamb
Narrator – David Boffa
Charlie – Goose Boose
Friend – Chase Young

The Devil You Know
Hotel Guest – Michael Pierattini
Concierge 1 – FairfieldFencer
Concierge 2 – Lindsey Lorraine

Movie Trailers

The Boulevard
Joe Thompson – David Boffa
Marge – Rebecca Cardenas
Lana Werth – Alice Bell
Dick Petty and the Dragstrip Dolly
Announcer – James McLauchlan
Dick Petty – Trevor “Teky” Hutchins
Mechanic – Lynkstar

Falling Stars
Narrator – FairfieldFencer
Candace – Alice Bell
Perkins – Barry Coleman

A Socialist’s Fortune
Narrator – James McLauchlan
Man – Elko
Woman – Alice Bell

Grognak – Ants of Agony 2
Narrator – James McLauchlan
Grognak – James McLauchlan

Grognak – Grognak in New York
Narrator – James McLauchlan
Grognak – James McLauchlan
Mobster – James McLauchlan

Grognak – Grognak the Barbarian
Narrator – James McLauchlan
Grognak – James McLauchlan
Man-Saurian – James McLauchlan

On the Waterfront
Narrator – James McLauchlan
Brando – Shannon L. Shook (Arvil143)
Marie – Alienslikechocolate
Father Jacobs – David Kennedy
Lee – Kyle Brannan

President Bort Goes to Washington
Narrator – James McLauchlan
Dagri’lon – Elko
Teen – Elko
Woman – Alice Bell
Bort – James McLauchlan

Teenagers from Outer Space
Narrator – FairfieldFencer
Man – Fairfieldfencer
Woman – Alice Bell


Anti Marijuana – Keep off the Grass
Announcer – FairfieldFencer

Anti-Marijuana – Marvin
Announcer – David Boffa

Husband – Elko
Gertrude – Rebecca Cardenas

Bill Becomes a Law
Kid – Leara Morris-Clark
Bill – Elko

Brad the Deviant
Narrator – Gabi King
Mother – Gabi King
Teens – Elko
Teens – Alice Bell
Brad – Chase Young

Commie or Citizen
Narrator – Fairfield Fencer

Dental Care
Narrator – David Boffa

Narrator – Trevor “Teky” Hutchins

Duck and Cover
Narrator – Dark Aeolus

Faith and Marriage
Rosalyn ‘blarghbleh’ Meney


Mother – Mippa
Daughter – Rebecca Cardenas

Molly – Ash Eluned
Ted – Chase Young

Narrator – David Boffa

Narrator – Rosalyn ‘blarghbleh’ Meney
Teen – Chase Young
Lucy – Gabi King
Helen – Gabi King

Narrator – Trevor “Teky” Hutchins
Teen – John Crosthwaite

Coach – Trevor “Teky” Hutchins
Boy – Leara Morris-Clark

Radio Plays

Breakfast at Tiffany’s
Call Girl – Ronja Monto
Painter – Shannon L. Shook (Arvil143)

Cartoon – Cat and Dog
Narrator – James McLauchlan
Cat – Rosalyn ‘blarghbleh’ Meney
Dog – Roksys

Cartoon – Tortoise and Hare
Hare – Antonio Vesagas
Tortoise – Roksys

Come Wander With Me
Narrator – Ash Eluned

Connie Comes Home
Connie – Barry Coleman
Friend – Ash Eluned
Connie’s Sister – Rebecca Cardenas

Country Lawyer
Folsom – HeadlessStormtrooper
Lily Adams – Anna Castiglioni
Miss Watkins – Alice Bell
Bailiff – Roksys
Judge – James McLauchlan
Jim – FairfieldFencer

Doctored Baseball
Dr. Hall –
Richards – MooderFooger
Nurse 1 – Lila Paws
Nurse 2 – Lila Paws

Gambler – FairfieldFencer
Robot – FairfieldFencer
Lawyer – Joshua Brayton

Sonny – Roksys
Margaret – Rebecca Cardenas
Jill – Gabi King

Insurance Scam
Daphne – Bakerbelle
Trent – Michael Pierattini
Auditor – Somerandomguywithavoice
Policeman – Roksys
Agent – Somerandomguywithavoice

Island Prison
Phil – MooderFooger
Danny –

La Fantoma
La Fantoma – Alice Bell
Judge Richter – James McLauchlan
Dark Rodent – Roksys
Falcon Boy – Adoxographist

Lone Gunman
Narrator – Ash Eluned
Gunman – Natalie Proudlock
Bartender – James McLauchlan

Love Me or Leave Me
Narrator – FairfieldFencer
Mutant – James McLauchlan
Piano Man – Matt Leonan

Maltese Mutant
Narrator – James McLauchlan
Nose – James McLauchlan
Brandy – Alice Bell

Rascals – Baseball
Jenny – Alice Bell
Calvin – Lindsey Lorraine

Rascals – Lemonade
Boy – Leara Morris-Clark
Girl – Leara Morris-Clark

Rascals – Marriage
George – Leara Morris-Clark
Mary – Ash Eluned
Myrtle – Rebecca Cardenas

Priest – Giramor
Stranded Motorist – Elko

Velma – Bakerbelle
Red – FairfieldFencer
Corbin – Somerandomguywithavoice
Velma’s Husband – FairfieldFencer

Boris – James McLauchlan
Vladimir – Elko
Major – Staticgrazer

Agent – Matt Leonen
Store Owner – James McLauchlan
Nazi – Matt Leonen
Howard – Will Handford
Loretta – Lila Paws

Sheriff – FairfieldFencer
Deputy – Barry coleman
Bus Driver – Hector Chavez
Diner Owner – Ash Eluned
Tennis Fan – Hector Chavez

Vault Dwellers
Mother – Alice Bell
Wife – Alienslikechocolate
Husband – Roksys

Sports Recap – Baseball
Narrator – J.T. Decker
Media Man – Roksys
Coach – James McLauchlan

Sports Recap – Baseball 2
Narrator – J.T. Decker
Media Man – Roksys
Boxer – David Boffa
Variety Show

Atomic Hour
Frank Duffy – Elko
Michelle – Viridiane
Wayne Terwilliger – David Boffa
Jimmy Swank – Tyler Shwed

Comedy Duo
Comic – Roksys
Straight Man – Fairfield Fencer

What’s Burning My Bacon?
Host – Chase Young
Harry – Staticgrazer
Sally – Ash Eluned
Mr. Handy – Maxim van Maanen
Rhonda – Alice Bell

Interview – Boulevard
Narrator – James McLauchlan
Lana Werth – Alice Bell

Interview – Three Faces of Reagan
Narrator – David Boffa
Ian Gregory – James McLauchlan

Greg Penny – JDGuy1996
Casey Green – Roksys
Charlie Templeton – Mistered



I’m going to release something on Nexus and eventually, but I just need to replace all the songs with replaceable vanilla tracks to make it lawyer safe. Right now the format doesn’t allow for that since I’m too lazy to make the 150 separate tracks required (I just used junior99au’s 40 track module), since I’d have to do the whole thing over again when the GECK comes out. So that will have to wait for the modding kit. This release is more to lay claim to a specific radio frequency. If any modders are planning on making a radio station, the one I’m using is 99.014809, so hopefully no one else is using that lest we have to fight for it in a joust. From what I’ve heard, using the same frequency will bork both stations.

You can find installation instructions for Fallout 4 mods in a lot of places. Since new patches from Bethesda can change things, I won’t put anything here, just google it and you should be good.

13 thoughts on “Atomic Radio – FO4Edit Version”

  1. Thanks for releasing the stand-alone, I’ve been waiting eagerly for this! I noticed when I tried the mod that there was no audio in-game, so I had a look at your esp and saw that the audio files aren’t pointing to the FM or AM folder. I’m not sure if that’s a mistake or if I just didn’t understand I’m suppose to move the files from one of the folders to the base folder (atomicradio) — doing that makes the audio work in-game.

    I look forward to the GECK version! If you want to create a quasi-random version before then, you can add several audio files to one SNDR entry, this is what I did with my ‘Existence 2.0’ radio mod, so when the game logic plays that sound it will choose one of those attached files randomly and play it. It’s a little dirty and jerry-rigged, but it adds a nice randomization effect until the GECK is released. It would also let you add more tracks using the 40 entries you’ve already set up (say 3 per entry, for example for a total of 120)

    1. you can add several audio files to one SNDR entry

      Awesome, didn’t know that. Right now the “tracks” are really like 8 tracks combined together – the commercials in particular are super short, I wonder what would happen if I just put all 60 commercials into a single SNDR, and let the game randomize it. In FO3 the game’s internal randomizer wasn’t all that great though, so maybe it’d be better to group the commercials into sets of 5 or something.

      1. I’d recommend splitting them up into sets as you mention. How I figured this out was looking at the SNDR for NPC sounds, say for a molerat taking damage. The base files has one SNDR for that and it contains maybe 4 or 5 sound entries, when a molerat takes damage the game-logic will randomly select a sound file to play.

        For the radio usage, when the game calls one of the radio SNDR it will select one of the five songs/commercials to play. It’s a nice way to get a further random effect until the GECK comes out. I split my DJ banter into a few sets like this so that its more randomized.

        1. That’s brilliant, and incredibly useful. I’d probably be able to move the horror and late night variety/comedy shows to a separate SNDR that way and then condition them to 10PM to 3AM or something in the scene phase with GetCurrentTime.

          If I can get some of the other sketches done it might justify another release too – I think I’m going to update every time I get an hour’s worth of new content. Right now there’s 4 hours of talk radio bits, so if I hit the 5 hour mark it’d make sense.

        2. That sounds awesome! With the updated FO4Edit you can add conditions now, so it should be doable to set the time conditions for those segments.

        3. Yeah, just need to add more horror sketches first (only 4 in this batch) so they’re not as repetitive (talk radio is 10x more repetitive than music, listen to it once, and it’s spoiled). I mean, Silver Shroud Radio is awesome, but I never listened to it more than once.

          I’m beginning to think I need like 10 hours minimum of talk to fill a single playthrough. Or 20 hours, if we assume the radio is used for 20% of the game (exploration, etc). Might not be fully functional until Fallout 8.

          Just got to commit to doing it instead of spending all my time on NPCs or comedy bits.

        4. Any luck on the issue you found that it doesn’t play more than 30 songs? I’ve been looking into it and I can’t see any logical reason why it stops playing after 30 entries. I was thinking it might be tied to the quest priority, but I’m not sure. I imagine a way around it would be to just link to a second scene, and so on, until the scenes run out then link it back to the first scene again.

        5. I haven’t looked into it actually. Diamond City Radio has over 30 tracks so it’s not like there’s some kind of internal cap. Granted, they don’t play all in a row like Classical, they go back and forth between Travis’ news scenes.

          But yeah, since Travis goes from “news scenes” to “music,” I’m also assuming that’s possible. Question is whether it requires a script. If it were Skyrim I assume you’d have to use a Scene1.Stop() and Scene2.Start() script to switch which one was running but with FO4 I have zero clue how the radio works.

    2. Also, I didn’t know you had another mod beside Conelrad – which is awesome btw and was my go to FNV/FO3 radio mod – I’ll have to check Existence 2.0 out. (also, I like to add all mod names to the site’s internal linking, so now typing Existence 2.0 or Conelrad should link to your pages).

  2. I noticed when looking at the mods section of the FO4 forum, that there are 64 files listed under radio stations. Wonder if it might be a good idea to have some beta entry there to establish Atomic Radio’s spot on the radio dial? I suspect when it is finished that Atomic Radio will be the most listened to radio station in the Greater Boston area.

    I can’t imagine those 64 Nexus entries being concerned or harassed by post-apocalyptic recording rights lawyers.

    1. Not until the GECK comes out, probably. I want to do the Nexus release along with a beta of the NPC mod.

      True, no one has reported those stations, but all it takes is one person. Nexus itself doesn’t care so long as their hands are clean. But any drama can be avoided by filling the station up with vanilla tracks and telling the user to replace them. (Consoles won’t have that option).

      In the meantime, I want to build up the talk radio content a little more. Talk is different from music because it’s not designed for repeated listens. As much as I like the Silver Shroud or Daring Dashwood in FO3, I never listened to it more than once. So ideally you always want the radio to be 60 to 70% music, but the more content you have the more you can skew that ratio.

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