Episode 17 – LISA

On this #NationalPuppyDay we talk about Twitter, news, coffee, LISA, and other horrible things.

4 thoughts on “Episode 17 – LISA”

  1. 25:17 Oh you poor, poor bastard… I also made the same mistake.
    Go watch Paprika (2006) if you’ve yet to see it. Can’t believe I almost missed that one.

  2. Ha, yeah, I have seen Paprika and Perfect Blue, as far as Satoshi Kon is concerned. I’ve yet to see Paranoia Agent even though it’s one of those Adult Swim animes that’s more well known here.

  3. I never got to watch Adult Swim… It was one of those things that came on during the graveyard slot.

    Hmm, another animated movie. What abooout… Brave Little Toaster?

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