Atomic Radio v1.00


– v1.01 – Added radio bumpers

Atomic Radio v1.01

All right, version 1.00 1.01 Atomic Radio is now available for downloading. I would’ve released it earlier, but I was using the old naming convention for archives and I couldn’t figure out what the hell I was doing wrong. Apparently, for Fallout 4 you have to name your file (pluginname – main.ba2) for it to work, and keep a separate ba2 for textures.

4 thoughts on “Atomic Radio v1.00”

  1. By the way, I don’t like vanilla’s script randomizer, it usually only sets a single variable, the last song played, so a track could theoretically repeat like so:

    Song A, Song B, then Song A can play again.

    So I used a custom script that just added like 40 variables, and grouped the tracks into sets of 3. So if Track A1 plays, it won’t repeat until Track A2 or Track A3 has played, changing the variable. Meanwhile if Song B1 plays, that A variable remains unchanged, so you get less of chance Track A1 will repeat again.

    I only did this for the talk radio content, the music I couldn’t attach scripts to for technical reasons. The music can be changed simply by switching the station and switching back again though, if something happens to repeat. Likelihood it will though is doubtful because there’s like 90 tracks.

    1. Ack, forgot to add the bumpers. “You’re listening to Atomic Radio” and all that. Re-uploading

      Let me know if you wanna add some textures like a unique bourbon quest reward or wanna do any testing.

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