Fallout 4 Project – A First Look

With the CK in public beta and a lip sync tool available, I can finally show some of the stuff I’ve been working on since I got my hands on the sucker last week. I’ve basically finished two quests, albeit the second one is made up of three parts, so technically it’s four quests, with a fifth that should be ready in three days. Of course ready to play and ready for public consumption are two different things, mostly because there are still some things with the CK that need fixing on Bethesda’s side.

Mainly, NPC face sliders aren’t functioning, and the same whitewashing bug that cropped up in Fallout 3 and New Vegas has returned for Fallout 4. The file will likely have to be done as an ESM, although that should make patches a lot easier to do. Anyways, I’m still looking for testers and (possibly) lip syncers, so if interested reply to the forum post in the sidebar.

4 thoughts on “Fallout 4 Project – A First Look”

  1. Audrey! Yey!! :)

    Are you planning on adding Special/ Perk checks to your quests dialogue? That would be a welcome addition since vanilla Fallout 4 basically doesn’t care about your build. Maybe that way your quests can compensate for the amount of killing you have to do in vanilla.

    PS: I haven’t played the game yet but the reviews I read where quite disheartening. :(

    1. Ha, yes, if you’ve played the Fallout 3 bundle, there will be a lot of callbacks and NPCs you’ve already met.

      Maybe that way your quests can compensate for the amount of killing you have to do in vanilla.

      A lot of quests are non-violent or present non-violent options for exactly that reason – it’s meant to balance the vanilla game.

      Special/ Perk checks to your quests dialogue?

      I have integrated some perk checks and uses of perks, not a lot in dialogue because dialogue is hard to find for a voiced PC. Mostly in terms of actions, similar to how high INT can help you jury rig wires during the USS Constitution quest, perks/special can occasionally open up different paths, but typically even then I don’t like to wall off choices and make it too linear, so there’s usually an option that is not perk-related to take a path you desire.

      1. Cool. It sounds great to be honest. I’ll probably wait until the GOTY edition is out to play the game, so I get the whole vanilla content and less bugs but yours it’s gonna be the first mod I’m going to install, that’s for sure. :)

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