Tales from the Commonwealth – Second Look

If you didn’t catch it at the end of yesterday’s podcast release, here is the second little trailer for the Fallout 4 mod, which I am tentatively calling “Tales from the Commonwealth.” I had considered a few other names that were less generic, but they didn’t really fit. Since this mod is in the spirit of the Fallout 3 bundle with a bunch of ancillary tales, the name is apropos, or appropriate, I can never figure out which word is more appropriate either.

However, I’m keeping this one a single module because like Interesting NPCs, I plan on keeping many of the quests and NPCs interconnected. Ostensibly meaningless NPCs in one quest will come in to play at times for other quests, and companions will interact with each other during swaps.

I’ll probably release in 3 phases, with early June being the release of Companion Audrey and about a dozen quests with similar themes, and then the second companion and set of quests in July, and the third planned phase being the last companion and non-quest NPCs. After that, I’ll just play it by ear. I’ll also try to focus more on the DLC and companion commentary/interjections for modded quests this time around, I know I neglected it with the Skyrims.

12 thoughts on “Tales from the Commonwealth – Second Look”

  1. Man, this looks awesome. I’m speechless, really. It seems vanilla content, only better. Audrey-Codsworth banter, humor, adventures, witty dialogue. In a fair universe you’d be lead writer at Bethesda. Or at the very least, part of the writing team. Great job.

  2. This is going to be so great. I already, because of just vanilla and about 163 mods, am on a route of playing a nearly neverending game. With this it will be neverending cubed.

  3. This is probably outside the scope of this mod but…maybe when you’re done with DLC stuff you could add alternative paths / perk / special checks to those vanilla quests that could have easily been avoided / resolved differently via perk / special check in the first place? Maybe you have no interest in touching vanilla quests but this would be a nice thing to see.

    Also, maybe reducing the enemies spawns? Maybe cuting some spawns and adding interesting NPCs in their place?

    Umm… my last brainstorming idea would be to add small settlements (I mean real ones with interesting NPCs and quests). It seems like the game is awfully low on these. They just created the tools for the players to minecraft and washed their hands on real alive settlements.

    Probably all my suggestions are outsided the scope of “Tales from the Commonwealth” but there goes my two cents.

  4. Just fyi, Apropos is sort of a preposition (mostly). So, its meaning is more like “with regards to”. Just thought I’d mention that, since you sort of asked :-). I wouldn’t be here if I wasn’t a big fan of your work…

    1. Google says it can also be used as an adjective, though. Meaning “very appropiate”.

      adjective: apropos
      very appropriate to a particular situation.
      “the song feels apropos to a midnight jaunt”

      By the way, long live Audrey and Natalie Proudlock. The more I play with her as a companion in F3, the more I love the character. Her lines are pure gold.

      1. Cool, hopefully there won’t be too many people who let her and the other companion die (as then their appearances in Boston might be a bit odd), although granted there’s really no guarantee they did regardless of the choices you made.

        1. It’s funny, because when I was doing that part of the quest. I decided to walk out of the Vault just to see what would happen. I thought that maybe Gabe was bluffing or that I would find Audrey on the way out, freed by herself with her casual badass attitude untouched. But then… the quest is marked as completed and I realized I actually let her there to die… I felt so bad. So I instant reloaded and it’s was nice to see that even if you decide to fight for her, she actually frees herself anyways xd.

          Obviously, that’s the canon in my head. I wouldn’t consider playing F4 leaving Audrey behind in F3. Suffice to say that she is also the one that starts the purifier in my canon. After having her, Mortar and the others in my party I seriously cannot go back to how simple and limited vanilla F3 companions are.

          Is Mortar making a return in Boston too? I love him, he is so much fun to have around.

          And my last enquiry:

          Will we be able to have Audrey or one of the other companions from “Tales” + one of the vanilla F4 companions in the party at the same time?

  5. Got your mod for Xbox one. Loving it so far. However, I picked up the feral ghoul mask and got the “stick up Fred Allen quest” Like a goodneighbor. How exactly am I supposed to do that?

    1. Wear the mask, talk to him. Also in the future, be sure to use the bug report/troubleshooting section in the header of the site. That way, the question gets logged in the database in case others have the same inquiry.

      I also get an email notifying me immediately. Whereas this comment I could’ve missed it.

  6. Awesome mod!

    There is a floating bowling alley above the water to the west of Libertalia if you were not already aware.

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