Tales from the Commonwealth News and Notes


So just an update, I’ve decided I’m going to release in two phases rather than three. Phase 1 will be released as an open beta on June 28th for PC users, followed by a console beta whenever Bethesda updates their website to allow for a single upload instead of one for each platform.

You see, right now you have to make a separate mod page for PC and Xbox One, which basically means for Atomic Radio I have two pages I have to ignore instead of one (Three if you count Nexus). Aggregating them into a single mod page for the PS4, Xbox One, and the PC will increase the likelihood of me visiting that site and reading the comments by 1000%. And we all know 1000% of zero is something in the neighborhood of sixteen.

In other words I don’t have a solid date for console release, but for PC I am gunning for the 6/28. It will include most of the quests and three followers. The second phase will include the last bit of quests I haven’t gotten voiced yet and the ancillary NPCs I’m still figuring out where to place.


3 thoughts on “Tales from the Commonwealth News and Notes”

  1. Great! Looking forward to having Audrey back. Well, I hope you don’t start ignoring the comments in your own blog too. That would be quite a feat :)

      1. Yeah, I can see how that can burn out somebody quite fast. Thank you for your work, Kris. You manage to make Bethesda games way more interesting (pun pun) than they are in vanilla. :)

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