Site Maintenance


Edit: Fixed, it was the host’s server cache that had to be cleared, I think this is the second time I’ve run into this problem with Dreamhost, I’m making a note of it here though so I don’t forget the next time it happens. Just gotta contact Dreamhost, and then tell them to clear their stupid cache, and voila, website is restored.

Okay, for some reason the website decided to go bonkers last night and transform itself into a checkered wall of text. I’m not sure exactly why, it might have to do with a bad plugin updating itself, turning the previous theme incompatible.

Changing the theme to “Dynamic News” has restored some order, although the forums are really hard to read, and the music player is similarly borked.

The WordPress login toolbar has also turned into a bunch of text, so I’m gonna have to look into that as well. I’m tired though, so I’m gonna sleep and hope it magically fixes itself in the morning. Good night.

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