Tales From the Commonwealth v1.4


Tales From the Commonwealth – DOWNLOAD v1.4

Due to the size of the mod, I wasn’t planning on making another update for a while but I felt like some of these fixes needed to be implemented right away, so here’s a hotfix. It adds a new companion quest and fixes the 1000 level affinity of another, so the romances should work all the way through for both characters.

I have no idea why Bethesda.net’s patch notes are limited to 160 characters, but that’s how it is so not all the changes are documented there. Fortunately, there are no such limitations here, so this is the one true changelog from v1.

Changelog from v1.3:

  • Added 29 new generic idles for Birdie
  • Fixed bad condition on Birdie’s post-romance “How’s our relationship” dialogue
  • Another bowling alley was found west of Libertalia. I must’ve been drunk with the CTRL+V button when I copy/pasted the one in East City Downs. This time I combed through FO4edit and didn’t find another one, but I’ll likely be seeing them in my sleep. If you see any in your travels, let me know.

Changelog from v1.2:

  • One of the greets for R4-04 used to clear the affinity forcegreet referenced the wrong stage and as a result never cleared, thus blocking the greet for her companion quest

Changelog from v1.1:

  • When I “fixed” Birdie’s Affinity conversation, I messed up the condition. So instead of not firing, it fired right away. Fixed to only fire if stage 500 of f3DNPC_ComBirdie is done (stage is triggered at 1000 max affinity)

Changelog from v1:

  • New R4-04 companion quest “Human Nature”
  • Removed duplicated Bowling Alley near the USS Constitution
  • Fixed Birdie’s final 1000 affinity conversation to properly trigger (he was forcegreeting endlessly but the dialogue was improperly conditioned)
  • Fixed an instance where neutral question led to negative response and vice versa in Three Little Wastelanders
  • Fixed Birdie generic idles to have higher priority than base idles
  • Fixed Birdie’s “Travel with me?” responses so they don’t loop to his initial conversation
  • Fixed a handful of Audrey’s action-based commentary that was in the wrong section
  • Added failsafe to stop affinity based forcegreets

Full Cast and Credits:


  • Boston Bordello by Elianora

Meshes and Textures

  • Ghoul mask by 1ndajone5
  • Feral ghoul mask by FlipDark95
  • Slinky black dress by Elianora
  • Widow Jane Bottle by 1ndajone5


  • Reznore
  • 1ndajone5
  • Elianora
  • Bigcowfeet
  • Damndirtycasual

Voice Acting

Full Exposure

  • Cameron – Rebecca Cardenas
  • Art Collector – Daniel Byrne
  • Treasure Hunter – Jody “Tentacle” Denness
  • Man on Holotape – Will Handford
  • Auctioneer – Kyle Brannan
  • Auction House Patron 1 – Jeff Werden
  • Auction House Patron 2 – Natalie Proudlock
  • Auction House Patron 3 – Alice Bell

Sinners and Saints

  • Sadie – Adoxographist
  • Scalpel – MooderFooger
  • Molly – Kelly Camelio
  • Patron Saint –Noi Sek
  • Cue –Elko
  • Penelope –Lila Paws
  • Boy – Leara Morris-Clark
  • Jane Doe – Jessica Osborne
  • Lola – Ginger Roll
  • Cherry – Alice Bell
  • Vincent – Will Handford
  • Chase – Chris Potter
  • Customer 1 – Chris Potter
  • Customer 2 – Damn Dirty Casual
  • Customer 3 – MooderFooger

You’ve Got Mail

  • Mechanic/Handyperson – Marion Toro
  • Postman – Bigcowfeet

Radio Raiders

  • Boss – Will Handford
  • Dutch – Mike Foble
  • Bad-X – Kyle Brannan
  • Spitball – Ivy Dupler
  • Gran – Ginger Roll
  • Cain – James McLauchlan

Three Little Wastelanders

  • Wolf – Matthew Dixon
  • Carlos – Jessica Osborne
  • Annie – Ginger Roll
  • Franz – James McLauchlan

Love and Peace

  • Cozmos -Bigcowfeet
  • Crystal Moonbeam -Zillac
  • Earthstone – Will Handford
  • Starchild – Marion Toro
  • Gary -Mike Foble

Extra NPCs

  • Birdie – Mooder Fooger
  • Ghost – Will Handford
  • Johnny Friendly – Joseph Landis
  • Minuteman Deserter – CK MacNamara
  • Drunk – Ivy Dupler
  • Crash – Ivy Dupler
  • Old Bus Lady – Lila Paws
  • Lynn – Anna Castiglioni
  • Garrett – Jeff Werden
  • Fisherman – James McLauchlan
  • Farmer – Lila Paws

Robot Medical Clinic

  • Doctor Handy – FairfieldFencer
  • Nurse Nanny – Kyle Brannan

Under the Bridge

  • Audrey – Natalie Proudlock
  • Mr. Handy – FairfieldFencer
  • Margaret – Ginger Roll
  • Father – James McLauchlan
  • Arthur – FairfieldFencer

Atom Cats

  • Atom Cat – Jessica Osborne

Brotherhood of Steel Soldiers

  • BoS 1 – MooderFooger
  • BoS 2 – Josh F
  • BoS 3 – Jessica Osborne

Jet Junkies

  • Rabbit – Ivy Dupler
  • Virus – J.T. Decker
  • Slim – Mike Foble

Commonwealth Karaoke

  • Stand-Up Comic – Ivy Dupler
  • Ghoul Crooner – James McLauchlan
  • Bartender – J.T. Decker
  • Mama Mabel – Ginger Roll

The House that Bruce Built

  • The Pin – Matt Leonen
  • Strike – Shannon L. Shook (Arvil143)
  • Washout – Adoxographist
  • Teddy – Crys Blue
  • Bench Coach – Will Handford
  • Catcher -Giramor
  • Fast Pitch Fannie – Anna Castiglioni
  • Baseballers – MooderFooger
  • Bruce – Roksys


  • Clarissa – Ash Eluned
  • Grogan/Gronk – James McLauchlan
  • Skinny – Nathan Suhara

European Immigrants

  • Ghoul 1A – Alice Bell
  • Ghoul 1B -Mike Foble
  • Ghoul 2 – James McLauchlan
  • Aaron – Will Handford
  • Cecylia – Viridiane

Atom’s Glow

  • Father Malcolm – Bigcowfeet
  • Emily – Kelly Camelio
  • Doctor Feldman – Bigcowfeet
  • Brother Jacob – J.T. Decker

Human Nature

  • R4-04 – Alice Bell
  • Overseer – Noi Sek





12 thoughts on “Tales From the Commonwealth v1.4”

    1. Fuck I added a bad condition to Birdie’s final affinity, now instead of never playing, it runs right when you meet him.

      Gotta re-upload sorry

      But thanks, yeah, hopefully will get better with time

  1. Damn, caught another stupid bug.

    It appears the new companion quest is blocked off by another dialogue conditioned to the wrong stage. Didn’t catch in testing because the save I was using had already passed that affinity. So, time for 1.3. Hopefully this should be the last major thing I missed.

  2. FO4Edit shows some conflicts with DLC’s and Unofficial FO4 patch, could you please for future versions include (not as needed mods ofc) fixes/edits from them?
    Thank you for awesome mod!
    P.S. I also hope you will make more gender neutral brothels.. Vanilla FO4 lack that so much that it’s so unrealistic and not immersive, not like in real life or glorious New Vegas ;D

  3. My Fallout 4 crashes when either Tales From the Commonwealth or Atomic Radio is installed. I assumed I had a mod conflict, so I ran loot, but it still crashes. When I checked FO4Edit, they both had numerous errors to them. I had an earlier version of Atomic Radio and it worked perfectly, before I upgraded.

    1. Instead of running LOOT, I would try altering my load order manually, or disabling combinations of mods to see if a combination of 2 cause the CTD instead of one.

      If the issue were caused by TFTC or Atomic Radio alone, then I would CTD and so would the testers and everyone else who downloaded the respective mods. Since I(we) don’t, that means it’s caused by a variable or set of variables unique to your situation.

      As for FO4edit errors, if you look at what they are, they refer to dialogue topics that were all made in the CK. Unless Bethesda’s tool is broken, I imagine FO4edit is flagging them as a false positive. Might be because they’re copied from other dialogue, you’d have to ask Sharlikan though.

      1. Any idea where they would go in load order? None of my installed mods seem like it would conflict with your mods. I’m not very saavy, so far I’ve only put the two mods near the top or bottom.

        1. No clue, you can try putting them at the bottom so they have priority, or like I said, try starting a game with just TFTC or Atomic Radio, enable half your other mods, and keep going until you CTD or narrow it down. Just basic troubleshooting techniques.

          Of course, it could also be caused simply by overtaxing your machine (another variable that differs from player to player), in which case it’s not the load order that’s the problem, but simply finding more efficient mods in terms of textures/ENB etcetera, memory enhancers if they exist, or just not using TFTC or AR if you prefer other mods.

  4. Hello!
    First of all this mod is awesome and I really like it, keep up the good work. However I have a little problem with the quest, like a goodneighbor, if I speak to Fred he only wants to sell me chems and nothing other happens. I tried with the mask on but it didn’t work. Can someone help me with that?

    1. All you have to do is be wearing the feral ghoul mask or the regular ghoul mask, if one isn’t working for you try the other. See 1:25 of this video

      Also in the future please use the bug report/troubleshooting header at the top so your issue gets logged into the database.

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