Trailers and Teasers – Paradise Bay

Just put this teaser up as a reminder I still need actors for the next quest, Paradise Bay, although oddly enough I just filled 2 spots before I published this blog post. Anyways, without getting too spoilery, just click the casting call button at the top and look for the appropriate link. If you like using the Casting Club Call website, I’ve also made a project there.

As for the trailer, that is the amazing Ginger Roll voicing the radio announcer, you can follow her on Twitter here.

3 thoughts on “Trailers and Teasers – Paradise Bay”

  1. ( about a bug in your mod) Hey I know this is late and you will most likely not reply but I downloaded your mod Tales from the commonwealth for the Xbox one and I went to go talk to one of your new npcs(Audrey in good neighbor) and they wouldn’t start their quest. What should I do

    1. Just a heads up there’s a bug report section, button on the far right of the header.

      Some people have reported being unable to talk to Audrey, but given how it’s both uncommon and impossible to replicate, my guess is it’s likely due to a mod that fiddles with location. Since Audrey’s initial dialogue is conditioned to being in “Goodneighbor” changes to the location hierarchy can cause it to fail. I’ve removed the condition for 1.7 since it’s unnecessary.

      More info can be found in the bug report thread, I’d try fiddling with your load order, temporarily disabling mods to identify a conflict, or wait for version 1.7 which should be coming out in a few days or as soon as I get some voice actingz from a couple people.

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