A Daedra in the Dark


A Daedra in the Dark
Quest Giver Gancielo
Locations The Winking Skeever, Lorne’s Shack, Ironheart Cave
Prerequisites Darkened Steel
Next Quest Cat and Mouse
Enemy Level PC x 3 Class EncClassAnimalPredator
Quest ID 3DMCue2 Editor ID xx1D96ED
NPCs Gancielo, Nasrin, Hrokkar, Deirdre, Miros, Brother Renmar
Reward Gold (max 200), optional bottle of wine

A Daedra in the Dark is the second quest in the Darkened Steel series. Players continue to unravel the mysteries surrounding an ancient brotherhood of nightblades, diving into a world of unconventional characters and intertwining debts.

Debts, Danger, and Deirdre
A Daedra in the Dark can be started by speaking to Gancielo after finishing Darkened Steel. He will mention notes stashed away by Lorne and suggests to the player investigate the shack in Falkreath where Lorne lived. The ramshackle cabin is found north of Cracked Tusk Keep. On a nightstand, the player can find Lorne’s notebook and a locked strongbox.

Pick up the notebook and read that Lorne obtained most of his information on the Darksteels from the diary of Elandir, the elf who inducted Deneris into the brotherhood. He has copied the information from Elandir into a manuscript he planned to publish and subsequently locked away. He notes that the key was given to a woman named Deirdre.


A khajit assassin, Nasrin, appears outside of the shack looking for Lorne just as the player is about to leave. Initially mistaking the player to be Lorne, he quickly comes to the conclusion that Lorne is already dead and happily remarks that he can easily cross off a name from his “list”. It’s evident that the list he is referring to is some sort of hit list, and that Lorne has acquired a sizable debt to a unsavory character.

The player can track down Lorne’s debtor at Ironheart Cave, a somewhat secluded grotto tucked away in the northwestern corner of Skyrim, in between Mor Khazgur and Volskygge. Ironheart Cave is the home of a wolf fighting and prostitution ring. While not a large establishment, the place attracts a decent number of seedy characters, including a priest with questionable motives and a dark elf with an obsession for the number one prostitute – Deirdre. Her room in the back of the cave will be locked so she is inaccessible at this point.

The head of the operation, Hrokkar, and his dead daughter can be found behind the main hall through a narrow passage on the left. Regardless of what the player says, the deranged crime lord assumes the player to be Lorne, there to repay his debt. However, instead of asking for money, he solicits the player to kill a wolf that has bitten his daughter, Vjola. Evidently, this pit wolf injured his daughter, who subsequently died of an infection. Whether due to grief or psychosis, Hrokkar is in denial over her death. He is convinced that she is simply ill and killing the wolf will square his debt with the gods by trading life for life.


Find and kill the wolf in the field west of Mor Khazgur and bring the pelt back to Hrokkar. He will reward the player up to 200 gold and the key to Deirdre’s room. Finally meeting Deirdre, she will tell the player that both Elandir and Lorne were her patrons. Elandir gave her his diary, which Lorne sought out, who later gave her his key. She will hand over Lorne’s key to the strongbox and offer the player her services.

Lorne’s strongbox in his shack can now be opened. In it, his manuscript on the Darksteels (which is a transcription of Elandir’s journal) can be found. Reading the book will end the current quest and start the next one: Cat and Mouse.

Video Walkthrough

A Daedra in the Dark (3DMCue2)
Stage Information
20 Investigate Lorne’s shack in Falkreath
40 Meet Lorne’s debtor at Ironheart cave
90 Kill the wolf
110 Return the wolf’s pelt to Hrokkar
120 Meet with Deirdre
140 Open Lorne’s strongbox

Stages 10, 30, 50, 60, 70, 75, 80, 100, 130, 150, 155, 160, 200 are scenes and triggers used to progress the quest.

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