A Rose Without Thorns


A Rose Without Thorns
Quest Giver Erevan, Hiram
Locations Kynesgrove
Prerequisites Started Diplomatic Immunity
Related Quests The Deathbroker
Enemy Level PC x 1 Class LvlVampireBoss
Quest ID Erevanquest Editor ID 02182E37
NPCs Erevan, Hiram, Farmer, Knights of the Eight
Reward Erevan as follower

A Rose Without Thorns is the story of a dishonored knight and his journey toward reclaiming his former virtue. Although the tale mirrors one of redemption, completing the quest does not restore Erevan’s former status and rank, but rather, provides him with the impetus to accept his fate and move forward in order to serve the greater good.

The Knight of Thorns
Upon entering the Braidwood Inn in Kynesgrove, the player will find Erevan waving his mug around in a drunken stupor. Further conversation will reveal he was a former Knight of the Rose, the personal guard of the Count of Cheydinhal.

If the Kynesgrove dragon has been slain and Delphine has asked the player to meet her back in Riverwood, leaving the inn and returning will start the quest.

– For Diplomatic Immunity, you must be at stage 30 or higher of MQ201
– The prerequisite is designed to clear the area to avoid conflicts
– Erevan says the Order of the Rose began as The Knights of the Thorn, a reference to the faction in Oblivion founded by Farwil Indarys.

The Chaste Knight
Upon re-entering the inn, the player finds a Breton named Hiram pleading with Erevan to return to Cheydinhal to clear his name. After Erevan brushes him aside, Hiram addresses the player and apologizes for his behavior. At this point, a farmer enters the inn and warns the town that the Knights of the Eight have returned.

The farmer reveals that the knights are actually bandits extorting the town for protection money. Hiram storms outside and confronts the bandits. The confrontation leads to a fight, with some of the townsfolk coming to Hiram’s aid. Hiram informs the player this was his intent all along, to inspire the people to stand up to the bandits.


However, by slaying the bandits, Hiram fears that the Knights of the Eight will make an attempt to ransack the town. In order to ensure the defense holds up, he asks the player to ask Erevan to help.

Erevan once more rebukes the player and forces him/her to return to Hiram. Hiram then gives the player the option of having the townsfolk construct battle defenses, either with barricades or traps. The player can also choose to leave the roads bare. Once the decision is made, Erevan will make an appearance, reluctantly accepting Hiram’s offer, but insisting he will do so as the Knight of Thorns.

– Hiram was made to mirror the look of Bremman Senyan from Oblivion. However, he was mistakenly made a Breton like Jhared Strongblade as opposed to an Imperial

The Return of the White Rose
After a night’s rest, the player returns to find the defenses constructed and the townsfolk armed and ready. Hiram informs the player that Erevan is guarding the town’s rear flank by his lonesome.

Erevan will apologize to the player for his behavior and speak truly for the first time. At this point the bandits will attack the rear flank. Slaying them will spawn the frontal assault. The player must run back to the town to help the defense.


When the battle is over, Hiram and Erevan will speak to each other and thank the player. Despite Hiram’s pleas, Erevan realizes that returning to Cheydinhal will be futile, and that he can maintain his dignity as a knight regardless of whether he serves a court. As such, he requests the player take him along on his/her travels.

– The player does not have to sleep in the bed, merely activating it will progress the quest
– Erevan’s use of the word “Huzzah” is also an ode to the original Knights of the Thorn, implying the term has been a staple of the Order throughout the ages.
– A nearby Giant may aid the defense or attack the player.
– Erevan may have trouble finding a route back to the town, and will likely take a more circuitous route and miss the frontal assault entirely.
– The defense is deemed over when an internal count reaches a certain number. If a bandit were to run away, that count could be jeopardized. This has been rectified in version 3 by speaking to Erevan provided he is not in combat.
– Entering and exiting the inn will clear the exterior of any defenses, corpses, and Hiram.

A Rose Without Thorns (Erevanquest)
Stage Information
0 PC has spoken with Erevan and cleared Kynesgrove of the dragon.
5 PC enters trigger outside Braidwood Inn, Hiram enabled.
10 PC enters Braidwood Inn, scene starts.
15 After speaking with Hiram, Farmer enabled and scene starts.
20 Knights of the Eight enabled.
25 Scene between Hiram and Knights of the Eight starts. Farmer disabled.
30 Bandits made aggressive.
40 Speak to Erevan.
45 Erevan spoken to.
51 Barricades are set to enable and stage set to 55.
52 Traps are set to enable and stage set to 55.
60 Player asked to sleep at the inn.
70 Defenses enabled, Erevan moved to hilltop.
80 First wave of bandits enabled.  If the EQBanditDcount is 7 or greater, the stage will advance to 85.
85 Second wave of bandits enabled.  If the EQBanditDcount is 16 or greater, the stage will advance to 90. If a bandit runs away and the count fails, speaking to Erevan will advance to 90 so long as the count is greater than 14.
90 Erevan and Hiram speak, Erevan removed as teammate.
100 Erevan set as follower, essential status remains due to his appearance in a later quest.

Notes: Stages 35, 47, 50, 55, 75, 77 and are set during scenes or when entering a trigger at the appropriate stage.

17 thoughts on “A Rose Without Thorns”

  1. Enjoyed this very much. But I noticed that after completing the quest, Roggi and the dark-elf alteration trainer just sit on the bench in front of the inn for eternity.

  2. A couple of bugs happened to me when I played this quest just now. In the part where the Knights of the Eight first approach the town, when I followed Hiram outside, he went right back inside and the scene played out without him. The bandits said their lines then attacked me. The center “knight” (the male one) strangely refused to die, fighting on even after decapitation (seemed to behave as if he was marked essential, could be knocked down but not killed). He fought on through a dragon attack but for some reason after the dragon was dead, I was able to kill him normally, and the quest seemed to progress as normal.

    Second minor bug… all the bandit corpses from the attack disappeared after the final conversation with Erevan, not after entering the inn as described above. Just the corpses, not the traps.

    1. Had the same bug with the essential bandit. I didn’t know his base ID, so I just set one of the mods I was using to allow essential kills and got rid of him that way, unchecking the option afterwards. The Hiram on my save worked fine, though he did pause for a bit as if deciding whether to be buggy or not :P

      1. Well, the quest is over a year old, and this is the first I’ve heard of either claim. Which would suggest a recent change, but the quest has been virtually untouched for some time.

        Tested and no problems. Checked the CK and none of the bandits are set to essential. So, for now, I don’t have any idea why these things happened in your games.

        Likely to do with a mod that affects essential status if anything. Perhaps you two have a similar mod in your load order.

        1. Hmm, I think you may be right. I have quite a few mods but now you got me thinking about mod conflicts I think I have a probable culprit. One mod I have is called “When Dragons Attack!” which protects NPCs and makes them take cover indoors during a dragon attack. As I mentioned, I had a dragon attack while my bugged stage of the quest was going on, so I am guessing that THAT mod chased Hiram indoors, and flagged the bandit as essential until the dragon was dead. Still not sure about how he got decapitated while marked essential but maybe an engine bug I guess :P

          Makes sense to be a mod conflict I think, sorry for wasting your time checking it ;)

  3. Had to play this again today (I assume I had to redo it because I reinstalled the mod after not playing it for a long time) and the quest got stuck at stage 80 I believe. Erevan walked into the inn and Hiram still stood outside with his weapon out in combat mode. Speaking with Erevan didn’t advance the quest.

    I force-finished the quest by setting the stage to 100 and luckily that allowed me to continue onto Darkened Steel without problem. I personally don’t see Erevan as a person I’d want following me, but it does give me the option of letting him do so, so I assume all is well? Except I missed the dialogue between Erevan and Hiram unfortunately. :( But besides that…I assume it’s fine. And if not, not too big of a deal as long as it doesn’t break the rest of the mod. Which it hasn’t seemed to now.

      1. I had the same problem and had to use the console to finish the quest. Eravan would just go inside and could not be talked to. Using getstage in the console told me that the quest was in stage 95.

        Also, this quest could use a compatibilty patch with Touring Carriages. It doesn’t conflict in a game breaking way but the Kynesgrove carriage spawns right in front of the inn where the battle takes place.

        1. Erevan forcegreets you at stage 95. It’s set up correctly, and I can’t replicate the issue. But I can take a guess as to why it wouldn’t work, and make a failsafe to account for it.

          After all, the only reason the dialogue wouldn’t be there to complete the quest is if it got reset after being spoken once. For example, tabbing out of the dialogue before getting to stage 100 would produce this effect.

          Now, I use these “resets” (in this case HOURS TO RESET is 0.20 hours) to prevent the dialogue from repeating in the even of script lag going from stage 95 to 100. But repeated dialogue isn’t as bad as people thinking the quest is bugged, so as a failsafe I can remove it. Meaning, if you tab out at stage 95, it will be there forever until you finisht the dialogue and get to 100.

          width = 600

  4. Am I doing something wrong? I get to the point of talking to Erevan after the initial bandit attack, where he is supposed to rebuke me, but it gives me no option to further the quest. He talks about his broken bones or something, and then when going out to talk to Hiram, he just has general dialogue. There is no option to put up the defenses.

      1. do you have any idea what was holding it up? Sometimes failsafes can be put in place.

        you’ll notice hiram forcegreets you outside at stage 50. That is done via a trigger box outside the inn. It moves the quest from 47 to 50. Stage 47 is when Erevan kicks you out of the dialogue and says his speech about the brittle bones.

        Did the stage get to 50 and hiram just wouldn’t forcegreet? Or was the stage stuck on 47 for some reason? Seems to be set up correctly from what I can tell.

  5. I finished this quest and while it is satisfying to see Erevan acting like a knight of virtue and all that, I would still very much like to know who was it that stole his armor and tried to kill the countess and frame him (and why). Did I miss the answer in a broken dialogue or something, or is it just a mystery with no answer?

    1. Erevan implies it was the court steward who framed him because Erevan had unearthed some of his seedier dealings. There’s one question “Do you think the steward had a hand in this plot?” which reveals that answer, I’m guessing you chose the 2nd reply (there’s 4 total) where he talks about the armor.

      Erevan himself doesn’t know how he did it, otherwise he’d be able to prove his innocence.

      But it’s likely the steward didn’t act alone, perhaps having one of the Order of the Rose steal Erevan’s armor and commit the deed. Maybe a knight who the steward witnessed breaking his vow, and now is working for him so he doesn’t lose his standing in the Order.

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