A Spell for Rumarin

Rumarin Arcanaeum

A Spell for Rumarin
Quest Giver Rumarin
Locations Winterhold College Arcanaeum, Winterhold College Hall of Attainment, Riften Ratway Warrens
Prerequisites One quest or location specific conversation with Rumarin, Mages Guild Questline started, Forgotten Lore started, be at an inn
Related Quests None
Enemy Level None Class None
Quest ID RumarinQuest Editor ID 02145C24
NPCs Rumarin, Valgus, Mugnor, Dagri’Lon, Urag gro-Shub
Reward 200 gold, Rumarin learns Lesser Ward spell

In A Spell for Rumarin, the player helps an aspiring caster try to learn magic in an unorthodox fashion. The player must have started the Mages Guild questline and Forgotten Lore. Rumarin must also have had at least one quest or location specific conversation with the player, and be at an inn for the quest starting dialogue option to appear.

The Arcanaeum
When Rumarin overhears Olivia Meronin criticising the College of Winterhold for its professors’ teaching methods, he begins to fantasise about expanding his repertoire from two conjuration spells. Wondering if he was too hasty to ascribe his limitations to personal shortcomings, he imagines learning in a climate where an inability to grasp knowledge levies no judgement on the student’s intellect. When the player later enquires if there’s anything he’d like to discuss while they’re relaxing, he seizes the chance to ask them what they thought of Olivia’s unconventional views on education, and whether they believe it could apply to him. Feeling inspired, he asks them to take him to the Arcanaeum at the College of Winterhold, so he can examine the texts and see if there’s anything he can learn from.

Disheartened by the array of complex tomes, and discovering the only one he can grasp is written for children and irrelevant to his cause, Rumarin approaches Urag the librarian to see if he can recommend something more suitable. When Urag dismisses him, he remembers his disdain for formal education and asks the player if they can help him find a more appropriate and unorthodox tutor. Elaborating on the teacher he envisions, he suggests they’d belong to a college built by sewer mages.

Rumarin Mugnor

The Unorthodox Mage
If the player suggests Mugnor, the pair travel back to the College of Winterhold. On approach, she immediately assumes he’s the assistant she’s been petitioning for. Rumarin explains that he’s just there to learn a spell. Sensing an opportunity for trade, she offers training in exchange for the chance to tinker with his brain and replace it with rodent-powered machinery. Rumarin initially agrees, but draws the line in disgust when she elaborates on the type of rodent she intends to implant.

The Sewer Mage
When the player suggests Dagri’Lon in the Riften Ratway Warrens, Rumarin agrees with trepidation.

On requesting his aid, Dagri’Lon immediately and firmly refuses, reasoning that anyone unable to comprehend a spell tome is undeserving of the knowledge it offers. If the Dragonborn tries to barter for his assistance with Rumarin’s lifelong servitude, he will contend that he wouldn’t even be useful for target practice.

The Wandering Healer
If the player has met Valgus, they can suggest him to Rumarin as a suitable self-taught candidate, and the pair are tasked with finding him as he goes on his healing rounds of the Imperial camps, and weekend visits to the Temple of Kynareth.

On asking Valgus if he can teach Rumarin magic, he encourages him to persevere with mastering spell tomes, as books provide scant practical knowledge by comparison. Clearly deflated, Rumarin jokes about his academic ineptitude to an amused Valgus, who apologises for not being able to help him further.

The Wardbinder
Rumarin then recounts his mentor Otero’s advice on using his survival instinct as a learning tool, and suggests the player hits him with a spell. Realising the implications, he quickly hesitates and starts to backtrack, then nervously forges ahead.

Rumarin Dagrilon

When the player casts (or physically strikes him), he briefly expresses agony, then gleefully reports success; a ward formed, though it was minuscule. He sincerely thanks the Dragonborn and commends their spirit of friendship, rewarding them with 200 gold, and resolving never to learn that way again.

A Spell for Rumarin (RumarinQuest)
Stage Information
0 When at an inn, ask Rumarin if there’s anything he’d like to talk about.
5 Take Rumarin the the Arcanaeum at the College of Winterhold.
15 Search Skyrim for unorthodox mages and recommend them to Rumarin.
20 Consult the wandering healer about assisting Rumarin.
21 Take Rumarin to the college mage in Winterhold.
22 Speak to the sewer mage about teaching Rumarin.
50 Consult Rumarin about another method.
70 Hit Rumarin with friendly fire.
90 Speak to Rumarin about his new powers.

3 thoughts on “A Spell for Rumarin”

  1. This questwont start for me, the dialogue with rumarin is there but no quest start, is it because ive already done the radiant dark quest? Setstage wont work either

  2. Cmon help me here please it wont start and its my last misc quest left ive tried moving olivia back to the arcaneum but she walks off ive tried startquest and setstage they both make it repeat getisid >> 0.00 over and over again I dont get it

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